January 1902

Tuesday, January 7, 1902

Henry has started going to Northampton again today. He has been out since the middle of Nov. with bronchial trouble.

The town schools commenced yesterday.

Frank and I called on Mr. Watson and his son-in-laws family. They have bought the Hiram Nash farm.

James McBride was married in July 1898 went to Glasgow in the fall returned in April ’99. In June a little daughter was born to them.

In Oct. J. went to Glas. again. Came home again in Oct. 1900 – went to Camden, N.J. as draftsman and from there to Phil. Pa. for the Cramps Ship-building Co. Earns $4.00 per day.

Mrs. Geo. Warner and Mrs. Lyman Graves called this P.M. Also the Dr. came to see Grandma. He does not talk very encouraging about her.

Emma and Prescott have gone to meeting this eve. Union meetings this week. Sun. Tues. Wed. and Fri. evenings.

A missionary talks to them tomorrow night.


This is the last entry in the journal. Emma Tilton Richards died on March 22, 1902 at the age of 44.



September 1901

Sunday, September 8, 1901    

Cooler and pleasant. We all went to church except Pa. He did not feel very well.

Grandma went to Chartly Mass with John Hussey. He came up to visit his relatives and she went home with him to see his mother.

Henry commenced attending school in Northampton last Tues. He enters as a senior. Florence starts attending the village primary.

Pres. McKinley was shot last Fri. P.M.

June 1901

Sunday, June 2, 1901    

Sunshine part of the day. We all went to ch. Grandpa stayed alone. Mr. Pierpont preached – subj. The Fatherhood of God. “Our Father who art in heaven.”

Susie stayed down with Clara Hawks.

I have written a letter to Grandma this eve.

May 1901

Thursday, May 2, 1901   

Mrs. Hiram Nash (Lucinda Hitchcock) was buried today. Mr. Pierpont made remarks. Services at the house. Only neighbors and relatives present. Commenced raining at noon – but it did not rain when we went to the house or when we went to the grave. Mrs. N. was 93 years old. We called at the “Wright” farm that Frank bought for $375.00, plus insurance etc. $396. They have set out some cherry trees there and fixed the fences.

Sunday, May 12, 1901

Cloudy this morn. Cleared off before noon very pleasant. 4 yrs. ago today father was buried. 3 yrs. ago today Uncle John took his life. Today has been a very helpful one for me in ch. Deciding to live for Christ has been the theme in ch. and S.S. 14 young people decided to take a stand on the Lord’s side.

Mrs. Kendall was at church today. It seemed good to see her. She is staying at Hattie Nash’s for a few days.

Emma and papa stayed at home with Edw. and Grandpa.

Mr. Morse papered my room Friday. It commenced to rain so he could not do the white-washing.

Henry leads the C. E. meeting tonight. Prescott and Emma have gone down.

Sunday, May 26, 1901   

Pleasant today but the day before was very rainy and Fri. we had heavy thunder showers and rain.

Grandma came home with Frank last Sun. and has gone back today.

Prescott went down with her.

We all went to ch. and left Grandpa alone. Mr. Chester Williams and his son Charles came with Mr. Oliver Munson.

Mr. Pierpont had a sermon appropriate for Memorial Day. 18 G.A.R. men were present. The ch. was decorated with flags and flowers.

Text was “Tell it to your children” etc. referring to the war of the Rebellion and what it did for the country.

Uncle Barrus’s son William died last night soon after midnight – his funeral will be Tues.


Wed.29                                Rain – every day and night since Sun. Grandpa went to the Haydenville ch. 50” anniv’y celebration this P.M.

Prescott, Emma and Henry went this eve. School kept ½ day.

Mr. Oliver Everett died last night.

Mrs. Elijah Luce died last week.

Mr. Deacon Langdon had a tumor removed today. Dr. Hayes and Dr. Belden performed the operation.


Thur.30                 We did not celebrate by going away it was too cold and rainy.

The men worked on the south st. land. Henry did some painting and took up the hall carpets.


Fri.31                     A little sunshine today. This P.M. I went down to attend the meeting of the library association. The librarians from the Forbes library, Amherst College, Springfield, and some of the hill towns were present.

Rev. Calvin Keyser gave the address this P.M.

Supt. of Schools in Northampton gave the opening add. in the eve. – followed by the librarian from Northampton.

April 1901

Sunday, April 26, 1901   

A very wet time this month, but we have had 3 pleasant days now.
Grandma and Prescott went to Springfield. Prescott returned – at night. Emma stayed with Edw. All the others went to ch. Mr. Post of Westhampton preached – very earnest sermon.

Frank went to hear the new M. E. min. His name is Hull.

Mr. Quartus Warner has moved to the Hannum house in the village.

Sold his farm to a Mr. Stone. Mr. W. is quite sick at his grandson’s. Mrs. Hiram Nash is just alive.

Rec’d a letter from sister Florence last night. They are all well as usual.

We visited the cemetery after church and carried flowers to Mattie’s grave – arbutus – also sent a box full to Springfield.

October 1900

This book has been sadly neglected this summer. We have had a pleasant but very dry summer – nearly all the wells and springs are dry. We are getting our water from the well down to the cider mill. We have enjoyed having Edw’s and Arthur’s family here this summer. Mrs. Raymond stayed here two weeks in July. Grace R. came later and stayed two nights.

Mary Guilford’s father died the 24” of July in Covington, Pennsylvania.

Our family numbers 14 – three hired men Ernest Rice of Chesterfield, John Geeser and John O’Brien.

We have had wet weather for about ten days. Frank is buying apples for a firm in Philadelphia. Already sent off a number of carloads.

Henry, Emma, Susie and Florence went to ch. It rained so hard they did not all start.

Prescott is having trouble with neuralygia.

June 1900

Friday, June 1, 1900

Frank went to N. for a load of bls. P. cut brush over east and worked a little wood. Prescott churned. E. worked up butter had 15 lbs. I have made out to sew enough to keep up the mending.

Grandma got pretty tired yesterday.

Saturday, June 2, 1900

Quite warm. Emma made buns and did up starched clothes. Grandma made pies. I made burwick sponge cake.

Prescott set out tomato plants. Frank went to village, then they took dinners and went onto Walnut Hill. Showery. E. did not have a nap.

Sunday, June 3, 1900  

Rained most of the time. Merc. at 60.

Frank, Prescott, Emma, Susie, Geo. & Flo. went to ch. Edw. did not sleep any today but has felt pretty well. Frank did not go tonight. P. E. & H. went. Henry was to lead the C. E. meeting.

I have been interested reading about the Boers by Rev. Chas. Phillips, also about Alaska by Mr. Wirt a missionary that is to return there. Mr. Wirt was in N. last Sun. eve. Prescott and Henry went in to hear him.

Friday, June 22, 1900       

Henry graduated under difficulties but he did his part nobly. The evening was rather rainy. I stayed down with Aunt Susan. Geo. went home with the older ones, but Geo. Susie and Florence stayed down with me. The hall was crowded and many had to go away without getting in at all.

Mr. Wright the Prin. does not leave many friends behind him.

Prescott went down in the P.M. to help them decorate the hall.