October 1900

This book has been sadly neglected this summer. We have had a pleasant but very dry summer – nearly all the wells and springs are dry. We are getting our water from the well down to the cider mill. We have enjoyed having Edw’s and Arthur’s family here this summer. Mrs. Raymond stayed here two weeks in July. Grace R. came later and stayed two nights.

Mary Guilford’s father died the 24” of July in Covington, Pennsylvania.

Our family numbers 14 – three hired men Ernest Rice of Chesterfield, John Geeser and John O’Brien.

We have had wet weather for about ten days. Frank is buying apples for a firm in Philadelphia. Already sent off a number of carloads.

Henry, Emma, Susie and Florence went to ch. It rained so hard they did not all start.

Prescott is having trouble with neuralygia.


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