February 1897

Sunday, February 21, 1897   

A very mild pleasant day. Papa, Henry, Susie, Geo., Prescott and I went to church. Emma stayed with Florence. Grandma W. is in Springfield with Eds. family. Mrs. Moody died very suddenly three weeks ago. Since then they have nearly all of them been sick.

Mother was very sick with neuralygia of the stomach. Had the Dr. several times. She is better and was out to ch. today. Mattie is down there for a day or so.

Prof. Tyler preached. Mr. Snyder is away “candidating.” Geo. is 6 yrs. old today. Joseph Graves’s boy is on the same day. Eunice G. was 40 yrs. old yesterday.

Gilbert Bradford’s saw-mill in Searsville was burned last night. We saw the light and heard the bells.

Mr. Bradford is building a nice house in the village near where Mr. Ep. Hubbard’s house stood before the Mill River flood. The house is to contain many of the modern improvements.

Tuesday, February 23, 1897   

Florence is one year old today. She has 4 teeth – 2 upper & 2 lower ones. She can go alone, but prefers to have her brothers or sisters help her. Her Aunt Florence sent her a new dress all made – blue cashmere stitched with white silk. Clara Hyde is 10 yrs. old today.

She came up to stay with Susie.

Eva and Ruth Porter came home with Emma to stay over night.

Men have been drawing apples to the depot.

A new style of handwriting is coming into use. The letters are to be made large and are to stand upright. I guess this specimen is not a true copy of the “new style.”


The new handwriting style mentioned may have been the Palmer Method, which was developed in 1888 and introduced by book in 1894. It was intended to be a more efficient, simpler version of the more laborious, but pretty, Spencerian style.