April 1895

Monday, April 1, 1895

Rainy. Mrs. Ice went to Haydenville. Mother did churning.

Tuesday, April 2, 1895  

Mother W. feels some better. I made 3 loaves cake. We have been boiling down sap.

Wednesday, April 3, 1895  

I covered an old comfortable for the hired man’s bed. Frank does not get well very fast.

Clouds and sunshine.

Thursday, April 4, 1895        

Pleasant. Mrs. Ice did washing. Grandma churned.

Uncle Edward Snow’s birthday today. I think he is 75 yrs. old.

Prescott went to “Poverty” Entertainment tonight.

Friday, April 5, 1895  

Prescott’s birthday. Very pleasant. I did ironing. Grandma cleaned man’s room. Grandpa went to Florence with butter. We had griddles and maple syrup of our own make to celebrate with. Prescott had elastics for sleeves – pair of gloves and a box of collars for birthday presents.

Grandma made bread.

Saturday, April 6, 1895  

Damp and snow squally. Robins are quite plenty this week. Henry went to village this A.M. Frank worked until about 10 o’c is not as well tonight.

I put up window and closet curtain in man’s room. Girls did chamber work, etc. I made cake. Grandma is quite lame today.

Rec’d letter from Marion. Made 2 qts. more of syrup.

Sunday, April 7, 1895     

Damp & foggy. Susie, Geo. Papa & I did not go to ch. this morn.

Prescott, Mattie and Henry went this eve.

I have written a letter to Florence and a card to Marion.

Saturday, April 13, 1895   

Very rainy day. We had heavy rains last Mon. & Tues. causing damage to roads here and washouts in several places in this section. Mr. Henry Waite and wife have another daughter born this morn about 8 o’c. Mattie came home last night about sick. She is some better today.

Sunday, April 14, 1895   

Very rainy all night and today. Papa and Prescott went down to S. School.

Monday, April 15, 1895  

Rainy. Made a baby quilt for Mrs. Waite.

Tuesday, April 16, 1895     

Clouds and rain in the P.M. I called on Mrs. Waite’s baby this A.M. Grandma is very lame.

Grandpa went to Mr. Bagg’s auction.

Nellie Baggs here this P.M. and stayed to tea then her bro. Ellsworth called for her. Arthur called this eve.

John Ice bought a cow over to the auction. Paid $25.00.

Wednesday, April 17, 1895

Mattie’s birthday – snow is all gone and the roads are nearly dry. We had birthday candy and peanuts for supper also griddles & maple syrup. I gave her a white apron. Grandpa gave her a dollar. Grandma gave her $2.50 for a new dress.

Thursday, April 18, 1895  

Mrs. Ice did washing. Grandpa went to Joseph Thompson’s auction. I went down to Mr. Waites with Geo. so he could see the “ittle” boy.

Called on Mr. Alvord and stopped at Mr. Cheneys.

Grace Nash and Miss Yeomans called tonight.

Harold Duck ran away from home yesterday.

Pres. Seely’s son Arthur was killed on Mt. Tom – went out to climb the mt. on Mon. and fell down a steep place and was killed. They did not find his body until Wed. He was just home from college. Highest water on the meadows that has been known for years – water surrounds the houses so they go in boats.

Note: This is the President of Smith College, Laurenus Clark Seelye, whose son Arthur died. I have also seen the spelling “Seeley” for the last name.

Friday, April 19, 1895  

Patriot’s Day. A very mild and lovely day. Emma and Mattie spent the P.M. getting may-flowers. Found some nice buds. They did the ironing this morn. I have been mending. Harris and Mary Guilford are down to mothers.

Mrs. Ice went to Florence.

Note: Patriots’ Day commemorates the 1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord. The state holiday had been established just the year before, in 1894. According to wikipedia, it replaced Fast Day as a public holiday. Later, in 1897, the Boston Marathon would be established to be run on Patriots’ Day.

Saturday, April 20, 1895  

Very mild and pleasant. Mattie, Emma and I went to Northampton.

Prescott took us down to take the electric cars – then came after us at night. Father, mother, Harris and Mary had gone to Poland, and left Lottie Hill to take care of Mary Abell.

We called on Uncle Chas. Lavake.

We saw the ruins of the Marsh’s book-store block. It is the last wooden block to burn. Grandpa’s express package came tonight. It contained a watch for Frank – a watch and chain for Grandma and a silk chain (gold mounted) for Frank. F’s watch was $12. one for $7.50. F’s chain was 1.25. Grandma’s watch was 9.95. Grandma’s chain was a present from the National Manufacturing Co. of Chic. They send presents when the cash goes with the order. Price of chain in catalogue was $1.25. When the Co. receives our acknowledgement of the goods with .25 for postage they will sent us ½ doz silver plated spoons.

Mr. & Mrs. Sanderson here this eve.

Sunday, April 21, 1895   

Quite warm and pleasant. We put on our straw hats. Harris & Mary drove home this P.M. Mr. Snyder preached – subject “The relations between city and country.”

Geo. and I stayed down to mothers, went to cemetery with her to see Mr. Crosby’s body placed in the grave. Florence Parsons is here yet.

Monday, April 22, 1895  

Sunshine, clouds and rain today.

Mrs. Ice cleaned house here. We are not taking up carpets only in the entries and sitting-room. Grandma churned and worked butter. Grandpa, Frank and Mr. Cheney are bringing potatoes out of the cellar to sprout and sort. Worked all day and are not through yet.

Frank went after the children tonight because it rained so hard.

Geo. had on pants yesterday morn for the first time. He looks cunning but so odd. He does not say “see my pants” but “see my suits.”

Tuesday, April 23, 1895   

Pleasant, windy and cooler. Mrs. Ice here cleaning again today. I clean the closets etc. etc. Grandpa went to Mr. Bagg’s after horse rake & to the village after meal.

Frank gone to the village this eve. Mr. C. worked here ½ day.

Wednesday, April 24, 1895  

Mrs. Ice did washing and cleaned the kitchen.

Frank went to Florence store.

Thursday, April 25, 1895   

Very warm and pleasant. Frank and I went to the S. S. Convention in Florence. Went down on the electric cars. P. came for us in the eve.

Father and mother drove down. Mr. & Mrs. Tanner went as delegates.

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Clark went on the same car.

Mr. Snyder delivered an address.

I enjoyed the meetings – but not the sick headache that accompanied it.

Friday, April 26, 1895      

Names of those came to surprise Mattie & Prescott.

Mrs. Porter & Esther came in the P.M. and stayed to tea.

Eva Porter                           Miss Hattie Yeomans                      Justin Hayes

Ruth Porter                        Gertie Culver                                     Carol White

Mr. Porter                           Harry Drake                                        Paul Rising

Belle Miller                         Walter Loomis                                   Mr. Rowell

Anna Watson                     Wells Bisbee                                      Arthur Tilton

Josie Damon                      Jesse Shaw

Grace Nash                         Silas Snow

Ger. Nash                            David Miller

Frank drew bls. from Northampton. Ordered new chairs from Fitts’s furniture store. Their team brought the chairs just in time for the company. Gents easy ch. $5. – small rocker 2.50 – oak R. 3.00 large rattan rocker $2.00.