March 1895

Saturday, March 2, 1895  

The last day of Feb. was quite spring-like. Yesterday was warmer with a few drops of rain. Today more snow – about 4 in. in depth. Two weeks ago today I spent the time in mending – today I have done the same. The time between has been mostly spent in bed – with no little baby to keep me company – but I suppose it is all for the best in some way. I gave up and went to bed Sun. P.M. the 17” of Feb.

Mr. Alanson Nash has a boy a few days old. This is the 3rd boy and 7” child.

Mr. Joshua Crosby is very sick.

Mr. Drake and Sylvia Lawley, also Lina Hill in that neighborhood.

Frank and Ernest Hawks went up there to a neighborhood prayer meeting last night but there was not any one out.

High school closed yesterday. Frank went in to visit the school without me after all. I shall try again next term.

I rec’d a letter from Aunt Vashtie this week. She had a tumor taken out of her side last Nove. She seems to be regaining her strength again now.

Prescott and Henry went to the village after oysters this P.M.

Henry did his lettering on the blackboard for papa. I guess he can help “Papa” be Superintendent.

Mrs. Clara Holmes Banks of Haydenville died last week. She was one of my old school-teachers, one that I thought was a good one – one of the best.

Sunday, March 3, 1895

Communion Day – 23 years ago today I joined the ch. I had hoped the girls would join this month.

They all went to ch. except Geo. and I. Frank did not feel able to stay this P.M. or to go this eve.

Rev. Mr. Hinckley of Florence gave a Temp. lecture in the Town Hall this eve. Prescott, Mattie, Emma and Henry went after they had been to the prayer-meeting.

Monday, March 4, 1895   

Colder. Town-meeting day. Cloudy commenced mowing fast about 4 o’c. Emma and Grandpa went to Northampton to see Aunt Rhoda. Frank went to town meeting.

Mr. Purrington and Mrs. Dwight Clary have resigned. Mr. Cone and Fred Crosby have been put in school committee in their places – with Mr. Francis Porter.

Selectmen (Henry Graves

(John O’Neil

(H. C. Smith, Haydenville

I worked on carpet rags and did some mending.

Tuesday, March 5, 1895

The wind blew the snow into drifts again so they went through with plows. Very cold again last night wind blew fearfully.

I have showed the girls how to cut and base a wrapper for Grandma.

Emma did cutting – Mattie sewed on machine and I only directed and based seams. Sewed carpet rags some. Played games this eve.

Prescott churned – 16 lbs. butter – 30 lbs. ready.

Frank went this eve. to make arrangements for the coming Christian Endeavor Conv.

Mr. Porter Nutting just died a day or two ago – 81 yrs. old Northampton.

Mr. Joshua Crosby just alive. They have sent for all the children. I suppose Florence arrived tonight from Salt Lake City.

Mrs. Oliver Nash sick again – also several others in town are quite sick.

Wednesday, March 6, 1895  

Pleasant in the morn. Snowing again tonight. The girls washed a few small things. Mattie made “sample” bread. Grandma cut the fingers of her left hand down near the knuckles – it was done with broken earthen ware.

I made button-holes etc. Played games this eve.

Mr. David Lyons is dead. He was 95 yrs. old last month Conway.

Rev. Mr. Hillard of the same place is dead. He had to give up preaching sometime ago on account of his health.

Thursday, March 7, 1895   

Warmer – clouds – sunshine and rain tonight. The first rain for a long time.

Grandma made 10 pies. I fixed apples and sewed. Mattie fixed bread.

Emma filled pies “etc. etc.” indefinitely” Sewed on dress.

Miss Jennie Baker’s mother died this P.M.

John Ice cut his foot while chopping for W. W. Nash. His mother and brother came up today. Mrs. Ice left Willie and Grace here this A.M. while she went to the village.

Frank has gone to bed with sick head-ache something new for him to have. Prescott studies algebra this vacation.

Friday, March 8, 1895  

Frank’s head feels better but has not worked much. Girls ironed. I was on duty again to do up the fine shirts and collars.

I rode up to see Mrs. Oliver Nash.

Saturday, March 9, 1895

Warm and pleasant. Prescott went to Conway with Grandpa Tilton to drive home a cow. Frank has worked a little today. Mattie and Emma went to spend the P.M. at W. W. Nash’s. Grace did not get home until evening.

Jennie Baker’s mother was buried this P.M.

Sunday, March 10, 1895       

Pleasant and not very cold.

Our family all went to church. Mr. Snyder preached – Sub. “Things of the Spirit.”

Involution – Evolution explained in connection with our growth spiritually.

We all called on Grandma Tilton and Miss Abell. Geo. had to go and see what Grandma had made for him – found a bag of little doughnuts and an orange. Geo. has not been there before since last Thanksgiving Day. I went to the church the 3rd day of Feb. and have not been since until today. Henry stayed down until evening.

Mary Abel is boarding with mother – she is entirely blind.

Frank did not go out to meeting this eve.

Monday, March 11, 1895   

Hazy – but quite mild and pleasant. Children all out sliding this morn. Grandpa and Mattie went to Mr. Crosby’s funeral this P.M. at 3 o’c. Quite a number out. Kate Crosby Meese could not come home as she has a babe three weeks old. I have sewed most of the day.

Frank is writing a paper on spraying to be read in Ashfield Thurs. at a Farmer’s Institute.

Tuesday, March 12, 1895   

Cloudy – few snow-flakes. Grandpa and Henry went to Northampton and spent the day. I finished off grandma’s wrapper. Mattie is fixing her gingham. Prescott did churning had 31 lbs. of butter.

Mr. Quartus Warner’s sister is dead.

Mrs. Harriet W. Wheeler aged 86 yrs. She died in St. Charles, Ill.

Seven yrs. ago today was the great blizzard. Frank was on Chester Hill then.

Rec’d a letter from Marion.

Father went to Conway after s s ed.

Aunt V. has had more tumors taken out. She is doing well.

Friday, March 15, 1895

Snow squalls. Yesterday was quite pleasant. Frank went to Ashfield to attend Farmers meeting. He read his paper on Fruit Culture by request.

Mattie and Emma went to call on Mrs. Oliver Nash – found her up and down stairs. Mr. Nash is also some better. The girls washed a few pieces. Today Grandma went up to see John Ice. Children out to try the crust.

Colder again last night – 12 above 0. Grandpa went to depot with cider. Henry went to the village.

I called on the neighbors below. Mr. Alvord is very feeble.

Eunice Graves called. John’s mother and sister came up.

Sunday, March 17, 1895

Windy and snow-squally. We all went to church except Geo. I did not dare to take him out in the wind.

Mr. Snyder preached – on the Duties of Young People.

Arthur is at home trying to get well. He is not sick in bed but he has not strength enough to work.

Emma, Mattie Prescott and “Papa” went to meeting this eve.

Monday, March 18, 1895  

Very windy last night and today.

Frank and Grandma went to Florence with the butter. Grandma rode on the electrics.

I made sponge cake – 3 loaves. Girls cleaned the walls and pictures in the sitting-room.

Tuesday, March 19, 1895  

Very pleasant but rather cold. Hampshire Valley End. Union met in the Cong’l Ch. this P.M. and evening. Frank, Mattie & Emma went this P.M.

Prescott, Henry, Grandma and Susie went down at 6 o’c. Grandma, S. & Frank go to Springfield this eve. Frank starts for Worcester in the morning to attend a meeting of the State Fruit Growers Assoc.

Package received from Aunt Susan Miller. She is to leave the Old Ladies Home the first of April.

James D. McBride is 19 yrs. old today.

Pres. Grover Cleveland is 58 yrs. old today.

Wednesday, March 20, 1895  

Pleasant. The snow is disappearing.

Mrs. Ice did the heavy washing at home this week. The girls washed small pieces out this A.M. This P.M. they rode over to the Graves neighborhood called on Eunice Graves and Jessie Knight. They took tea there and walked home.

The Endeavorers sent beans, biscuit and cheese up to John Ice’s when the children came home.

Thursday, March 21, 1895

Very pleasant. Girls did part of the ironing. I baked squash and lemon pies. Fixed “fig filling” for a birthday cake. Arthur came up and took dinner then I rode down to mothers and stayed until 5 o’c then went to Mrs. Thomas Nash’s Sewing So. Prescott came after me with a sleigh. I rode down in a wagon. I enjoyed the P.M. very much. I sent a handkerchief to Nellie B.

Seventeen years ago today we were married. A pleasant fine day like today.

This is the second time that we have been separated since we were married.

Grandpa W. and Mattie made me presents.

Friday, March 22, 1895  

Snow squally. Prescott went down to meet the folks – the travelling was so bad he stayed down until evening but they did not come. Girls finished ironing. I starched shirts collars and cuffs, etc.

Rec’d letter from Cousin Tirzah and Uncle Edw.

Saturday, March 23, 1895

Pleasant and warm. We churned and worked 16 lbs. butter. I ironed shirts, collars & cuffs. Mattie made bread & mopped. E. & P. managed the churn. Prescott went to meet the folks this P.M. but they did not come. Grandma and Susie came this eve. Father brought them from the village. Frank has gone to Boston.

Gertrude and Ethel Nash spent the P.M. here. Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Ice called this P.M.

Grandma brought me a pair of new kid gloves. Susie was so glad to get home.

Sunday, March 24, 1895   

Pleasant until most night south wind with clouds & squalls.

Prescott, Mattie and Emma walked to church this A.M. They did not go this eve. too bad travelling. I have been so sleepy today.

Could not sleep last night or night before.

I have written to Mrs. Geckler, Cousin Marion and F. P. Shumway Boston.

I wish we could hear from Frank. I never felt so worried as I have since he went away.

Monday, March 25, 1895

Schools commenced – all went but Susie. Frank did not come. I must do something about it tomorrow. Mrs. Waltz walked down with the girls.

Tuesday, March 26, 1895  

Pleasant fine morning. I walked up to see John Ice’s foot – first time I have been up there this winter. I shall wait to hear from the mails then start out to find Frank. I know something dreadful has happened.

Frank came about ten o’c – most exhausted. He was drugged with “cough drops” and robbed. He has suffered dreadfully since Thurs. eve. I am so thankful to see him home and alive. I cannot bear the thoughts of living without him.

Eunice Graves called. She had been up to John’s to carry some things.

Wednesday, March 27, 1895  

Pleasant. Mrs. Ice came down to do the washing. I sent John’s dinner up to him. Susie went to school today.

Thursday, March 28, 1895

We had our “celebration” dinner today. Grandma churned and I did the ironing. Frank cannot work very well, nor use his head long at a time. Went in a sleigh this morn. Children have to ride home in a wagon at night.

Friday, March 29, 1895  

Pleasant and windy. Grandma made mince pies. Geo. feels quite fine in a new red apron.

Saturday, March 30, 1895  

Another snow-storm last night. Pleasant today. Prescott working up wood. Frank feels discouraged that he cannot work. He went to see the Dr. this P.M. Grandpa had his hair cut.

Grandma made lemon pies. I made sponge cake. 3 loaves.

Cutting over a sack for Emma – it used to be Aunt Nettie’s.

Mrs. Williston Thayer is dead. Funeral next Monday. She was 84 yrs. & 6 mos. old.

Sunday, March 31, 1895   

We all went to church except Susie. I or we called over to mothers a little while. Mr. Woods of Easthampton preached. “Margin of difference” where the seed was sown determines our life and character.