July 1895

Monday, July 1, 1895   

Clearing weather. I cut out Mattie’s dark blue cambric waist. I walked up to Mrs. Ice’s with Geo. Mr. Root called. He is going to Mr. Oliver Everetts. Troublous times at our house – hope the sky will clear soon.

Sent a card to Florence.

Tuesday, July 2, 1895  

A beautiful day. Men haying in the middle orchard. Mr. Starks had narrow escape. He was thrown off the hay-wagon – struck on his head but was not seriously hurt.

Finished Mattie’s waist all but the white braid. She run the machine, made an apron etc. M. did the mopping.

Grandma called on the neighbors.

Prescott gone to the village to play ball tonight. Henry went down to do errands this P.M.

Mrs. Alice Montague Tilton has just died in North Hatfield at the house of Willis Holden.

Wednesday, July 3, 1895     

The men have got in all the hay in the middle orchard.

Emma came home this morn. She and Mattie went up onto Walnut Hill after raspberries.

Thursday, July 4, 1895  

Cloudy and showery. We all went down to Grandpa Tilton’s to spend the day. Grandpa went down with us – and Papa came after us. Prescott and Arthur  went to Florence to play ball with the Good Templars. Mr. Benj. Ludden took dinner at father’s. He is nearly 80 yrs. old.

Note: The Good Templars was founded as a temperance organization. It accepted both men and women, and all races, though after the Civil War, it accommodated its Southern members with segregated lodges. (information taken from wikipedia).

Friday, July 5, 1895      

Rainy – clouds & sunshine. Mr. Starks went home. Grandpa went to Northampton. Father came home with the girls this morn. Took home some potatoes. Brought up a trumpet for Geo.

Papa & Prescott have been mowing.

Saturday, July 6, 1895      

Showery and muggy. Men could not work out much. Prescott washed the carriage.

Sunday, July 7, 1895    

Muggy – sun shone this P.M. We all went to church except Grandpa.

The girls stayed down until eve. Arthur came up with Henry and Susie at 4 o’c.

Communion this P.M. Mattie, Emma & Ruth Porter joined the church.

Monday, July 15, 1895  

Girls put their new straw matting down in their room. It is quite an improvement.

Belle Miller and Gertrude Nash called this P.M.

I am making over a gray striped dress for Emma, also cleaned and turned Grandma’s brown flannel am making it up again.

Tuesday, July 16, 1895   

Rainy. Made ready to wash.

McCallum’s large store was riddled by fire last Sun. night. There were two other fires during the night.

Wednesday, July 17, 1895   

Girls washed with Grandma to direct.

Mattie went after berries this P.M. Mr. Waite brought us some red-raspberries. Papa went to Northampton after a load of barrels. Very hot. We did not go down to meeting tonight.

Thursday, July 18, 1895

Pleasant. Hot and smoky. I rode down to Father’s this morn when Grandpa went after meal. Geo. went too. Miss Abell was in a fit when I got there. She is a little better tonight. Prescott came for me at night. Papa came down to a committee meeting and we did not wait for him. Grandma’s picture came from Northampton. “Three Generations” framed in white.

My ma had several callers today. Mr. & Mrs. Harris Pease with their son & daughter. Mrs. Hattie Codding, Mrs. Abner Miller, Miss H. Cleveland.

Friday, July 19, 1895    

Girls went down to Ma’s took berries brought home blue-berries and currants.

Saturday, July 20, 1895   

Very hot. Men finished haying between here and the Wheeler place.

Mr. Starks took one of Mr. Waites horses and drove home this eve.

Girls spent the A.M. getting berries. Grandma made seven pies.

Sunday, July 21, 1895  

Warmer than yesterday. We all went to ch. except Grandpa. Grandma went to the M. E. Church. Father or mother were not out today.

We went over to see Miss Abell.

Mr. Snyder preached from text “I shall be satisfied” etc.

Another day of physical suffering for me. I may never know what causes the distress but I do know it is hard to endure while it lasts. If I can keep up and not have to be waited on I will be thankful.

Mr. Starks his wife and daughter came tonight.

Frank has been into Northampton to attend the First ch. & S. S.

Attended the Y.M.C.A. this P.M.