January 1899

Thursday, January 26, 1899  

Clouds and sunshine. Frank gone to Boston with a car of apples.

Mrs. Alvord did the washing here.

Edward was weighed Mon. – weighed 14 lbs. – 8 weeks old. He weighed 10 ½ when 4 weeks old.

Susie has stayed with Aunt Susan this week.

Frank paid the note given to play for Mattie’s casket. $50.00.

Grandpa went in with the money.

The snow has nearly all gone off.

Emma has had an invitation to go to the policeman’s ball with Uncle Edw. Grace Ball is going down tomorrow with her.

Mr. T. M. Carter had another shock last week. He only lived a short time. He only lived a short time after it. Funeral was held Mon. at the house.

Mrs. Thomas Nash is quite sick.

Sunday, January 29, 1899

Very cold nearly 0. Last Fri. wind blew a terrible gale all day – good almanac for next month.

Frank did not reach Northampton in season to come out last night – so came up this morn. All well. He was sick when he came back from the other car.

Prescott, Henry, Susie & Geo. went to ch. No one went this evening.

Mrs. Geo Smith is not expected to live long. She went from this town to Florence.

Grandma has not been as well as usual for a few days.

Rec’d a box of clothing from Mrs. Whitman of Boston, came last Fri.

She sent us one in Dec.

Emma went to Springfield Fri. Her Uncle Edw. invited her to go to the policeman’s ball with him.

Grace Ball went with her.