July 1894

Sunday, July 1, 1894

Very warm but a good breeze blowing. All the family gone to ch. but myself. Mrs. Ice and Grace went with them. Communion service this P.M. I have been reading letters from Uncle Justin and Aunt Louisa. They are making every preparation to entertain C. E. friends. They are both so good if they lived nearer they might be troubled with too much of my presence.

The French Pres. Carnot was assassinated a week ago today by an Italian anarchist named Santo.

Monday, July 2, 1894

Very warm. No showers. Papa, Grandpa, Prescott & John Ice at work on Walnut Hill. Mattie went to Northampton this A.M.

Mrs. Ice & Mrs. Waite here this P.M. I have been showing Mrs. Ice about her dress. Mrs. Waite has set a hen for us. Frank went to Mr. Hitchcock’s after ice this evening.

9 little pigs came tonight one pig died.

Tuesday, July 3, 1894     

Rained during the night, showers this morn. Cleared off fine before night, cooler. Mrs. Ice helped Grandma wash.

John worked on the hill. Frank went off with butter. He has gone to meeting this evening. Prescott has gone to Northampton tonight.

Wednesday, July 4, 1894

Pleasant. Papa carried Henry, Susie Geo. & I down to father’s this morn early. The men worked on Walnut Hill. Grandma at home alone all day.

Edw. and family came before 10 o’c. Had a fine ride up on the electric cars.

Just before noon Mrs. Nelson Hayden, Mrs. Cleveland of N.Y. State and Mrs. Alice H. Robins called. In the P.M. two families from Northampton had a picnic on the grounds. Grandpa T. & Henry rode into Northampton. In the P.M. Edw. treated the children to fire works. Frank came after us and we started for home in a shower.  Prescott came in on car just as we started out. Jack was frightened with the fire crackers. Arthur & Eva Adams drove to N. then to Cummington. Another pig dead. 7 left now.

Thursday, July 5, 1894  

Pleasant. Prescott & Papa chased after cattle and calves all the A.M. Mrs. Ice came and did the ironing.

After dinner P. went to the village after Edw. and family.

Friday, July 6, 1894  

Cloudy. Father, mother, Mrs. Moody and Aunt Susan came just after dinner. Gave us quite a surprise. Mrs. M. and Aunt S. went home with Edw. this eve. Frank went down with Nettie and the children.

Aunt S. had treat eating green apple pie.

Saturday, July 7, 1894  

Pleasant. Men hoeing at home. Papa tried new mowing machine. Brought me a letter from Florence when he came from the village. They are all well. Expect a large company the 4th all the grandchildren. Henry went to the village to buy grandma an apron. Mrs. Ice stitched it up for Emma. I finished her sateen skirt.

Sunday, July 8, 1894      

Merc. down to 63 cloudy. All went to ch. except Geo. and I. John was away so Mrs. Ice did not go. Father did not feel like going out to ch. today. He was not as well as usual Fri. when they were up here. Exciting times in the west over the great R.R. strike. Strikers will not allow a pullman car to run. Authorities at Washington beginning to interfere.

I have walked up to the garden and out into the pasture to see the new pigs this P.M.

I am so glad to be able to keep up about the house.

Monday, July 9, 1894  

Cool and cloudy but no rain. Mrs. Ice came down and mopped. Grandma churned. Mother and Mrs. Phelps came this P.M. then Grandpa W. drove Jim back after Nettie & the children. Mrs. Ice & her children were here so we had 19 to sit down to tea. Mother brought her freezer to put the ice-cream in – we had three kinds of cake and cheese with bread & butter & ice-cream. Grandma T. brought a loaf of cake and a box of Pomade. Nettie made shoe button case, Emma & Henry gave her an apron. Mattie & I finished a rug.

65” birth-day was quite a day.

Note: this was the birthday of Frank’s mother, Susan.

Tuesday, July 10, 1894

Pleasant. Men haying below the house. Grandpa carried butter to Florence.

Emma did not feel very well.

Wednesday, July 11, 1894

Washing day. Mattie helped. Prescott out haying. He mowed a little too much.

Nettie and all the children took a walk onto the hills back of the barn. went up to the sofa rock.

I cut out new bed tick for Susie’s bed and new chair cushion tick.

Felt quite like myself so I could help around the house considerable.

Strikes are fearful out west.

Thursday, July 12, 1894       

Warmer, clouds and sunshine. Men got in one load of hay. Mowed above the house.

We made mince and apple pies etc. I have been mending and Nettie run the machine for me. Mattie has commenced another rug to put in the girls room.

Frank has gone to a lawn party (perhaps)

Prescott has lain on the bed the most of the day – back and legs lame. They did have a lawn party – quite a number there.

I have written to Mrs. Angel.

Friday, July 13, 1894

Very warm. We had a large ironing. Mrs. Ice ironed until noon. I did not iron anything but the shirts and collars. Grandma churned. Joseph Armstrong here to dinner. Mrs. Ice had company come to dinner. Prescott frightened us by fainting away at the supper-table – tipped over against the side of the room.

Florence’s birth-day today.

Saturday, July 14, 1894  

Very warm again, cloudy with short showers.

Nettie and the children went down to fathers tonight. I made 3 loaves of sponge cake. Grandma had a very hoarse cold.

Endeavor Conv. is being held in Cleveland – commenced the 10”. A good many people are staying at home because of the strikers.


Mentioned previously in the journal as C.E. or Endeavor, Emma is referring to the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor. It was founded in 1881 in Portland, Maine and eventually spread across the nation and the world. According to the wikipedia entry about the society, “The Christian Endeavor movement is historically considered to be the forerunner to and father of modern-day youth ministry.”

Sunday, July 15, 1894    

Pleasant not quite so warm. All the Richards family except myself went to ch. Mr. Paul Vandyke of Northampton preached. He came on the electrics and was ½ hour late. P.M.E. & Henry went with Papa this evening. Mrs. Lena Damon led the Endeavor meeting.

Monday, July 16, 1894  

Pleasant most of the day. Showers all around us. I commenced to cut over my wedding dress. It is colored black.

Grandma churned and baked cake.

Geo., Emma & I went up to Mrs. Ice’s.

Tuesday, July 17, 1894   

Pleasant here thunder-showers all around us. Mattie and Emma picked seven qts. of running berries this A.M. They went to the village this P.M. Henry went with them. Grandma Tilton and Mrs. Kneeland rode up and made a call tonight.

Men got in the hay from the orchard next to John’s. Mr. Cheney is mowing on the sides of the road.

I have been putting kerosene on carpet bugs.

Wednesday, July 18, 1894  

Fogg – sunshine and thunder-showers here and all around us.

Girls picked more berries. Mrs. Ice had some. Grandma filled 3 qt. cans. Emma took her first lesson on the sewing machine. She made an apron for Grandma Tilton. Mattie drove Jack to the village so Mrs. Ice could ride down to meet her mother and sister. Nettie is going Fri. and wants Emma and Mattie to go with her.

Sent letter to Cousin Tirzah. I made ice-cream for tea – everybody pronounced it good.

Debs the leader of the strikers put in prison.

Great explosion in Chicago – caisson exploded killing several soldiers and doing other damage to buildings in the region. $25000

Thursday, July 19, 1894   

Father, Nettie & children rode up tonight. Nettie has decided to stay over a few days longer it is so hot. They stayed to tea with us. Mattie tried the machine today.

Friday, July 20, 1894    

Very warm – no showers. Father came up and worked today. The men finished mowing in the middle orchard and got all the hay in. Girls went blue berrying.

Saturday, July 21, 1894  

Muggy air – with thunder in the morning.

Grandma made mince and berry pies. Grandpa on Walnut Hill. Henry did not go today – he went to the village this P.M.

Prescott made coop for the “Waite” chickens.

Men mowing in the “East” mowing.

My sewing today has been mending.

Wednesday, July 25, 1894   

Very warm – heavy showers in the P.M.

Jamie McBride came at 2 ½ o’c.

Father and family all gone to Laurel Park.

Mrs. Ice helped Grandma wash.

Girls picked nearly 3 qts of running berries before the shower.

Thursday, July 26, 1894  

Very warm. Girls picked 5 qts. running berries and 2 qts. of blueberries. I ironed starched clothes. Grandma made 8 berry pies. Mrs. Ice and children here this P.M. Father came up with Nettie and her children. They did not stay to tea. Mrs. Cheney sent up a qt. of blue-berries. They had been off and picked 25 qts.

Friday, July 27, 1894    

Very warm. Mattie and I finished ironing. Grandma churned and worked butter. I fixed apple to go with 2 qts. mince meat. Arthur came up last evening. Jamie played his violin. We had string beans for dinner and I pickled some the first we have had. Emma’s head gave out this morn.

Susie went out after berries the first time today.

Saturday, July 28, 1894   

So close and hot. Emma is suffering with poison on face & back. Men got in hay from the East mowing. Grandpa went to Florence with butter.

Sunday, July 29, 1894  

Very warm again. We have all been to ch. except Emma. I have not been before since the first Sunday in June.

Wm. A. Trow of Albany, Oregon preached a very excellent sermon.

He compared Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem with the scenes on Friday the day of his execution. Very black clouds threatening wind and rain passed over us – but no harm done here. Edw. came up on the car this morn.

Monday, July 30, 1894  

A warm beautiful day. Mother’s 62nd birthday. Mr. & Mrs. Moody came up and surprised her this morn.

The town’s people came in the P.M.

Grandma Williams went down with us. Emma had to stay at home.

Mrs. Ice came down and stayed with Emma. I will try to write the names of those that were there.

Mr. Joshua Crosby, wife and daughter Susie

“ Francis Porter “ “ “ Esther

“ Sam’l Clark and wife

Mrs. Morton (Mrs. Henry Hill’s mother)

Mr. Benjamin Ludden 76 yrs. old

Mr. & Mrs. Moody from Springfield

Mrs. Strong sister of Mrs. S. A. Clark

Mrs. Stebbins – Mrs. Ed. Damon & daughter Ruth

Mrs. Dwight Adams

Mrs. Snyder & daughter Justine

Mr. Edw. Tilton & wife and two children

“ F. C. Richards and family except Emma.

James D. McBride & Arthur Tilton, Miss Phelps, Mrs. Lottie Hill

We had singing after tea – Jamie played the violin.

Mattie and Henry stayed down over night. Papa & Mattie stayed to the C.E. Social at Temperance Hall.

Tuesday, July 31, 1894     

We rec’d news that Uncle J. P. is dead. Jamie did not leave town – father brought Mattie and Henry. Uncle Charles Lavake here to dinner. Father stayed too. Marion came this eve. with the corpse – funeral tomorrow at the cemetery.