About the Journal

I have never seen Emma Tilton Richards’ original journal. What I have is a bound xeroxed copy of the 1933 typed transcription. Continuing the trajectory of technological transformation, I retyped the journal into a Word document, and now I’m putting the journal out on the internet.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve posted excerpts of the journal on my other blog, A Good Stopping Point. Last year, I was contacted by someone who volunteers at the Vermont Historical Society, who discovered these excerpts on my blog. It turns out that Emma’s journal resides there, among other documents and photographs. Someday, I hope to view that collection.

A note about some small imperfections of the xeroxed transcription: The original 1933 transcriber chose not to transcribe peripheral materials that had been tucked into the journal. He or she also very occasionally omitted text, such as a list of attendees at a celebration. The xerox also cut off text at the bottom of a few pages. None of this takes away from my gratitude toward the transcriber and the person who made the photocopies. I wouldn’t have known this journal existed without them.