April 1897

Thursday, April 1, 1897  

A very beautiful day. Grandpa took Florence and I down to spend the day with mother. Grandma W. was homesick to see us. She feels so worried about mother she can hardly endure it.

Mrs. Tanner and her mother called, also Mattie and Aunt Susan. Mother had a poor night last night and stayed in bed most all day.

Friday, April 2, 1897  

Pleasant. I have to rest after my trip out yesterday. Feel better tonight. Frank has been over to Mr. A. Nichol’s after scions.

Emma is poisoned on her face, so she could not go to Carl Steinbricks party candy pull. Made ginger cookies.


From a website called Culinary History Online, by Patricia Bixler Reber: “a candypull is a party of both sexes at which molasses or sugar is boiled and pulled by two persons (whose hands are buttered) to give it proper consistency, and then mixed and pulled again, till it becomes true candy.” As described puckishly in Puck, “The necessary materials and plant are a goodsized warm kitchen, a number of active young women, aged from fifteen upward, several dudes and non-dudes—none over twenty-five — a large supply of white aprons, a larger supply of table-napkins, a well-heated cooking-range, two or three copper stew-pans.”

Saturday, April 3, 1897    

Pleasant. Prescott and Papa trimming peach trees on Walnut Hill.

They made cider last Tues. and Wed.

Emma and I have been very busy. I made Prescott some birthday biscuit for Mon.

Sunday, April 4, 1897

A beautiful day. Emma stayed with Florence others went to church. Mr. Snyder preached “Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels (or God)” was his text. A very excellent sermon. We went over to see mother. She is no better. I have written to Bro. Ed. and Uncle Edward; it is his birthday today.

Frank and Prescott walked to church this eve. Mud is getting dried up – nice travelling in the village.

Monday, April 5, 1897   

Cloudy this morn but pleasant the rest of the day. Florence has celebrated her brothers birth-day by really going everywhere alone. I celebrated by getting some of Prescott’s favorite eatables for supper. Mr. Rowell came up and took supper with us – went home at 8 o’c. We had coffee, warm biscuit, maple syrup, beans, raised cake and ginger cookies. The syrup was made from our one tree that stands at the corner below the house.

Tuesday, April 6, 1897  

Clouds, sunshine, thunder – but only a little rain. Weather quite warm. I have made bread, washed the plants etc. Gertrude Nash called this P.M. with Mattie. M. went to the village with her then returned to stay awhile.

I sent a card to Aunt Florence this morn.

Florence J. R. has done her best budging around today. Geo. went to the village with Grandpa on the big wagon. Other children rode down to school.

The poison on Emma’s face is getting better.

We hear tonight that Mr. Snyder has accepted a call to go away from here.

Sunday, April 11, 1897

Mr. Snyder’s resignation was read today. I was glad I was not there to hear it. All the others went. Grandma W. came home yesterday and she went. She has been down to fathers nearly four weeks. Mother seems to be a little better. Mattie is going to stay with her a few days.

Monday, April 12, 1897  

Very pleasant. Mrs. Alvord did a large washing for us today.

I have been looking garments preparatory to Springs work in dress fixing.

Tuesday, April 13, 1897    

Quite pleasant but a storm in sight.

Father came after Florence and I to go down to spend the day with mother. Geo. went also.

Thursday, April 15, 1897

Rainy. Geo. went home with the children last night. Father brought Florence and I up in the rain this P.M.

Mother has had two days of suffering trying to get rid of the foul matter that caused the stoppage of the bowels. Grandma went back with father and Mattie went to Mrs. Hawkes. Susie stayed down with the two Grandmas.

Friday, April 16, 1897

Pleasant. Susie is to go to Mrs. Hawkes’s to attend an Easter party.

Two S.S. classes meet there. She will stay all night.

Mrs. Beers, Mrs. Sanderson & little girl, Mrs. Moore and her little boy were here to dinner. We trimmed hats and talked dresses etc.

I guess Mattie will have a new hat for her birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 1897  

Very rainy until nearly noon. Frank came from New Haven last night. He went Thurs. morn. The electric car did not come above Florence so he walked home by moon-light.


Sunday, April 18, 1897

A beautiful Easter Sunday. Mr. Snyder preached.