February 1891

Friday, February 20, 1891

Ruby’s birth-day. How much has come to us to endure during the past year. I miss the darling more and more every day. My feelings were so stunned at the time of her death it seemed as though I could not rouse myself again to take up the duties of life.

Saturday, February 21, 1891  

Was the day that George Frank Richards arrived. Frank left here to go to Haydenville for Dr. Hill at about 5 o’c A.M. and before 6 ½ o’c he and the Dr. had returned and the boy was born; and at seven o’clock they all left me and went out to breakfast. So the “fuss and commotion” was of short duration. Geo. F. weighed 6 lbs.

Grandma stayed with me at night. We had the crib exchanged for the cot bed and she and Susie occupied it. Frank and Henry slept upstairs.

Miss Fogg took her work and stayed with me while mother did her housework. Sunday Miss F. Frank, Moses & Prescott went to church.

Monday, February 23, 1891

All went to school except Mattie. She stayed to help Grandma. Mrs. Sanderson called. She came last Saturday also.

Tuesday, February 24, 1891  

Mattie went to school and Emma stayed at home. Papa carried the wash down to Mrs. McGowan – so Grandma would have more time for her other work.

Wed. Thurs. & Fri. the children all went to school. Fri. P.M. Frank took Susie and went in to visit the school. We had wind, sunshine, and snow-squalls all day.

After Wed. I sat in my chair to have my bed made – and Sat. I sat in my chair to eat my dinner.

Miss Fogg and Moses are staying here until they can find a new place as the committee do not intend to hire her for another term. She is going to help mother and Moses will work with Prescott.

Saturday, February 28, 1891    

Arthur and another boy came over after Jim horse. Mother was not able to come. She sent me a new sheet – made of double width cloth.

I received a nice letter from Miss Prouty. She is usually the first one to write when she hears special news from here.