February 1895

Friday, February 1, 1895   

Pleasant – merc. 14 above 0 this morn. Much colder in other places. Grandpa went to N. to look at an apple dryer. Grandma and I made pies, bread and twelve lbs butter.

Frank, Prescott, Mattie and Emma gone down to the End. Sociable.

Monday, February 4, 1895     

Clouds – sunshine & snow.

Susie is not able to go to school.

Grandma T. gone to Springfield.

Tuesday, February 5, 1895  

Very windy all day. Merc. running to 0. Children very cold when they reached home. Prescott chilled one ear. Very windy tonight.

I made me a black bonnet – ready for strings.

Wednesday, February 6, 1895  

6 below 0 here – 15 below down to the village – a terribly windy night. P. M. E. & Henry started out to walk to the village – the drifts bore them up nicely. They had a ride most of the way home with Mr. Alexander.

I commenced mending my long cloak.

Stirred cream – had a little over 12 lbs.

Mr. Wm. Sanderson called. Mrs. Hiram Nash not well today.

Grandpa Williams not as well as usual this week.

Susie is better but it is too cold for her to go so far.

Thursday, February 7, 1895   

Colder – snows and blows.

Friday, February 8, 1895        

High school and intermediate closed today for teachers to visit school – but snows & blows too hard for any one to be out. It is fearful to be out.

Saturday, February 9, 1895       

Colder – snow blowing everywhere. Team came down as far as here to break out. Frank went to the depot via the depot road – went for a new hand saw.

Mother went to Springfield last Monday. Cannot get home today.

Sunday, February 10, 1895  

Cold and windy but the sun shines – teams are out breaking roads everywhere again.

Frank, Prescott and Mattie went to ch. via the depot road – 31 scholars in S. S. – about twice that number in church. They did not get there in time to hear much of the sermon. No one ventured out tonight.

Monday, February 11, 1895  

Children went to school via depot road and came home the usual way. The road has been cut out through the drifts. John Ice worked half a day.

Frank has his hands full to do the barns chores and keep the fires supplied with wood.

We churned, had 13 lbs. I stirred the cream.

Mother came home today.

Tuesday, February 12, 1895  

Emma is 13 yrs. old today. I made corn balls and chocolate caramels – girls made molasses candy in the evening. Prescott bought some peanuts. Henry made Emma a lamp mat crocheted it out of pieces of worsted. It looked quite pretty. Susie went to school again.

Frank carried potatoes to Mrs. Thomas Nash – .75 per bu. & to Mrs. Kingsley one bu.

We fixed mince meat out of 1 qt. can meat.

Wednesday, February 13, 1895   

Warmer – merc. most up to 30. Bright and sunny. We made 12 mince pies. Cut carpet rags. The snow storm was all over the United States causing great suffering and loss of property.

Thursday, February 14, 1895    

Children went to Mr. Millers on “Village Hill” to a surprise party.

I do not feel as well as usual tonight.

I stirred the cream – not as much butter this time.

28 lbs ready to go to Florence tomorrow.