July 1891

July 5, 1891

Nearly four months since I have written in this book, and there has been much of interest that might have been written, but I can not bear to take a pen to write – something new for me to feel that way.

June 14”, Children’s Sunday. Susan Davis and George Frank were baptized. Mr. & Mrs. Edwards of Haydenville brought their little boy he is a month older than Geo.

Grandpa & grandma W. both went down and we stayed until after S.S.

Today 22 converts were taken into the ch. I will write out the names of those I know.

Henry Wright, Henry W. Graves, Frank C. Richards

Arthur Miller’s oldest boy and girl. S. A. Clarks oldest boy and girl. Bessie & Harold Kingsley, Fred and David Miller. Edwin Porter’s boy and girl. Eva Porter, Helen Harrington. Inez Tileston Miss Bailey – Clapp – and four others that were French & German.

When they all stood before Mr. Snyder they formed a complete half circle in front of the pulpit.

Mr. Snyder’s text this morn was Acts 2.42 “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”