February 1893

Esquire B. S. Johnson died Feb. 14”, 1893. He was born on Walnut Hill Oct. 23d 1814.

Since his death it has been made public that his son Horace had taken $11000 from the Haydenville Savings Bank – 10 years covers the time that he was in taking it.

Mr. H. Johnson died a year ago last spring and his affair was not made public until last week.

Mr. B. S., his wife and daughter put in their all to help make up the loss – $8400.

Mr. Leonard of the silk mill died on Elm St. Northampton while riding with his nephew.

There is talk of annexing the Hawaiian is. to the United States.

Monday, February 20, 1893   

Very windy and snowing most of the time. The snow is getting piled up “all around in spots.”

This is Ruby Elma Richards 3rd birthday. Geo. was taken sick the 4” of this month with “capillary pneumonia.” Dr. thought he would not come out of it; but the disease yielded to our treatment so that the next Mon. & Tues. he appeared most well, but after then he would not be as well every other day. Last Tues. Mrs. C. Brown and mother spent the day here. He seemed more like himself and watched the cattle while his father ploughed out the roads around the house but before noon he was so used up he could not rest – but he slept before night and I thought he would be all right – but the next day he was much worse so I sent for the Dr. he had not been here since the Sat. before. Dr. said his lungs were really no worse but his nerves were overtaxed and his strength must be kept up in every possible way. He has been improving again. The noise of the wind makes him restless today. Merc. nearly down to zero.

Tuesday, February 21, 1893      

4 below 0 last night. Bright and sunny and warmer tonight. Geo. is 2 years old today. He celebrated by going into the sitting-room this P.M. I have been trying to make him like oranges by giving a teaspoonful of the juice at a time and today he has taken all the juice of an orange besides eating a little food and drinking milk and cocoa.

Mr. O’Niel ploughed out the road today. Prescott went to the village and Arthur came up here. Brought a bundle from Mrs. Hawks – some things in it that Geo. needed just now. Frank and Bart. have been up on Walnut Hill all day. chopping walnut wood.

Arthur had a surprise party from Conway last Fri. eve. Prescott and Mattie went down.

Wednesday, February 22, 1893  

Commenced snowing again in the night and it has snowed all day with a heavy wind most of the time.

Geo. is a little better today than he was yesterday.

I have put together a rug that Mrs. Wheeler commenced to braid.

Mattie has commenced (or did last winter) one made by guimping the rags and I am helping her get it together.

Henry and Susie are full of business these stormy days.

The Williamsburg Creamery that was built last fall seems to be doing nicely. Grandpa gets buttermilk from there for the stock. We have five young lambs – one pair of twins in the lot.

Last Sat. Grandpa bought a sleigh at an auction in Easthampton – but it is so stormy he cannot get it home. Cost about $6.00.

The Washington receptions and celebrations will not get much of a show this time. Too much snow all around.


The “Washington receptions and celebrations” may be referring to President Grover Cleveland’s 2nd inauguration which was held on March 4, 1893. The weather was described as “Snow began during the early morning and ended around 1 pm. One to two inches fell across the area. A biting wind blew from the northwest. The crowd was small for the ceremony. Many planned events were canceled.” (https://www.weather.gov/lwx/events_Inauguration)

Thursday, February 23, 1893

Sunshine and snow squalls. The road has been broken out again but no passing by here yet. Frank went to the depot horse-back get the new sleigh. He had to go cross the lots and came home via the junction as the men had not reached the village on this road.

Henry, Mattie and I rec’d a letter from Marion. She has been having a touch of pneumonia.

Friday, February 24, 1893     

Snowing this morn. sunshine and a little wind the rest of the day.

Frank went to Florence with 30 lbs. butter. Brought sugar, flour, etc. Went with cattle after buttermilk this P.M. The cattle would not pull it through the drifts between here and the Wheeler place so they left it.

Mr. Cutler sent Geo. some oranges.

Saturday, February 25, 1893   

Very pleasant this morn but snowing tonight.

Prescott, Mattie and Henry started for Aunt Rhoda’s this P.M. Papa went with them as far as the village. Arthur came and brought him home. Susie teased him to stay over Sun. because Henry was gone. Grandma put up a loaf of bread and a loaf of cake with a lb. of butter for the children to take with them. Arthur carried a box of butter down for Mr. Brooks to deliver to Mr. Cutler. The snow blockade made them short for butter.

This is Ed’s 5” anniversary. Nettie invited us down there but we could not go now.

Sunday, February 26, 1893    

Pleasant, but the wind is drifting in the snow again. Frank walked down to church twice today. Mr. Andrews of Dalton preached – he delivered a lecture here last evening. Today has been Temperance Day. I suppose Arthur joined the Sons of T. last evening.

Geo. went out this morn and has stayed all day except while he had his nap; he is not sleeping very good tonight. Hope it was not too much for him.

It seems lonesome with the children gone on Sun. This is the first time they have ever been away by themselves to stay over Sun. and then they have been to Grandpa Tiltons with us but now they are in the “City of Northampton” four of them together.

Monday, February 27, 1893

Pleasant. Prescott and Mattie reached here soon after noon. Found the road badly drifted between here and the village. They tipped over once and walked some besides. They brought a letter from Tirzah saying that Cousin Mattie died last Friday night. Funeral there Sun. then they were to come to Easthampton this morning. Grandpa carried the news down to mother and she telephoned to them to come up and spend the night.

Tuesday, February 28, 1893  

Pleasant this morn but snowing this P.M. We had beefsteak for dinner that Aunt Rhoda sent to Susie. Susan Williams (Munyan) was 66 years old last Sat. so they had quite a tea-party when the children got there.

Prescott, Mattie and Emma went to ch. at the Methodist church.

Mother did the washing and hung the clothes out east of the house.

The snow is piled up all around. Grandpa has been drawing buttermilk. I am finishing a rug that Emma commenced to knit – but I am doing braiding. Cut out a kitchen apron for Grandma, Mattie and myself. Made Grandmas and partly made the others.

Geo. gains but he is too nervous to rest much until after mid-night.