November 1892

Saturday, November 12, 1892  

The first snow came this week. Last week we had the first hard freeze. Arthur came with a load of goods yesterday and again today. The children all stayed at home Thurs. on account of the weather.

Their first absent marks this term.

Mr. Staab, the tailor, died last night. He was a German – has lived in town for 40 yrs. or more.

Mr. Longley and wife called here tonight.

Mr. Waite and wife called Mon. eve.

The girls are trying to make some calico dresses for themselves.

Grandma painted the new kitchen and papered the old one last week so we look quite neat.

Tuesday, November 29, 1892   

Clouds and snow squalls. Mother did the washing. I have been helping the girls on their dresses. They are doing all they can on them themselves.

Grandpa Tilton moved into the Kingsley place the week of the 15” – all except Grandma W. and Geo. took dinner with them Thanksgiving day. Miss Benton from Brooklyn was there. Harris and Mary did not come.

They are having the scarlet fever down to Ed’s. Freddie and his ma are sick now.

Father and mother have taken Mr. Kingsley’s seat in church so they are right in front of us.

Mattie and I have written to cousin Marion this eve. Cousin Mattie is very sick with dropsy and heart trouble.

The men are finishing out Mr. Newhall’s order for cider.

Miss Evans was in town Sunday. She used to be governess for Mrs. L. D. James. She looks quite natural. Has not grown old very much.