January 1897

Sunday, January 31, 1897   

A very beautiful day – not quite as cold as we have had for a week past. A deep snow came on Thurs. last. The children stayed down over night at fathers. Susie did not go at all.

Two weeks ago today we all went to ch. in a wagon and now for two weeks has been our first sleighing for the winter.

A letter from Florence last night tells of snow and cold weather in Minnesota.

Mattie came home with her father last night. Went back tonight.

Florence Julia is doing her best to walk alone. She has four teeth cut through.

Aunt Susan has subscribed for the Ladies Home Journal and sent it to Emma so she did not have to give it up after all.

Arrangements are made for the dedication of the Meekin’s library tomorrow evening.

Papa, Prescott, Emma and Henry are down to meeting this eve.


Information about the Meekins library building and history can be found here: http://www.meekins-library.org/buildings.asp

From that site: “The original library building and the start of the library’s collection were funded by a bequest of more than $30,000 left by the widowed and childless Williamsburg farmer Stephen Meekins (1812-1894).  Under the terms of the bequest, though open to the public, the library was not owned by the town. It was incorporated in 1907 and governed by a board of three trustees chosen, one each, from the three Protestant churches in town . . . in preparation for the expansion, the Massachusetts General Court enacted legislation (1997 Chapter 0095) to allow the library’s corporate trustees to turn the library over to the town and it became publicly owned.”