May 1898

Thursday, May 12, 1898  

Very rainy tonight. Thunder-shower. Children did not come home from school. Emma stayed down to wait on the tables for Mrs. Hawks. She with 3 other ladies entertain the society tonight. I fear the people will be scarce.

One year ago today my dear father was buried. How can I ever get used to living without him and mother.

Mother W. has cleaned the attic today. I have done the housework and taken care of Florence.

Rec’d a long letter from Miss N. H. Benton of Brooklyn night before last. She loved and respected my father and mother.

Pres. of the Hampshire Savings Bank has robbed that bank and the Nat’l one connected with it and gone somewhere – no one knows where. Our affairs have been transferred from Belcher’s hands to the Smith’s Charities. Belcher rec’d the $2500.00 and deposited it in that bank the same week that Mr. Warner’s fraud came out.

News comes tonight that Uncle John Tilton has taken his own life.

Aunt Susan is sick in bed, and they do not dare tell her about it.


Lewis Warner stole $500,000 from Hampshire Savings Bank / Hampshire County National Bank and was eventually arrested, convicted and sentenced for nine to twelve years.

Friday, May 13, 1898

Frank and I went down to Aunt Susans this morn. Mrs. Porter told her about John while we were there. She was very sick all day. I stayed with her until 3 o’c P.M. Mrs. Ball came in and stayed all night. Grandma is going down in the morn.

Sunday, May 29, 1898   

We have had a week of solid rainy weather and the week before we only had two or three pleasant days.

Arthur was here last Thursday.

Grandma W. has been with Aunt Susan most of the time since the 13”. She is better but not very strong yet.

Florence and I did not go to church today. After dinner Grandma, Frank, Florence and I went over to see Frank Sanderson’s family.

He and she both sick in bed – and Alton was too – LaGrippe has got hold of them.

Monday, May 30, 1898

We all except Grandma went to the cemetery. The school children marched with the soldiers. (Catholic) Mr. Boyle of Ware gave the address in the town hall. I did not go but they said the hall was full the address was fine.

I went to Aunt Susan’s. Henry & I stayed and helped about her work.

Florence came home at noon with the others.

Tuesday, May 31, 1898

We did ironing etc.