December 1891

Sunday, December 20, 1891     

Clouds and sunshine.

All the family are at church except Grandpa, Grandma and Geo and I.

Mrs. Oliver Nash has been very sick – but they call her more comfortable this morning. Miss Martha Clary came here the Sunday after Thanksgiving to help us until we could get along alone.

I have not been very well since the first of Nov. Mother stayed with us Thanksgiving week – and the second week after (Mon. Dec. 7) she and father started for Cleveland, Ohio. Tues. Arthur brought some things over here and Prescott returned as far as W. Whately with him so he could drive Jim back.

Prescott commenced school after Thanksgiving. They do not have vacation until the holidays. School closed last Fri. Susan S. Smith does not expect to return next term.

Mother W. took care of Geo. and weaned him. He and she slept on the cot bed in the sitting room for three weeks. I had him back again with me a week ago tonight.

I have written nothing in here about Florence’s visit. She came in Sept. with her two oldest boys – Warner Howard and Frank Charles. They spent nearly  three weeks of the time with us. She went from here down to No. & East Hampton also made calls in this town and Florence.

She came on with a neighbor, but returned alone the week of the 15” of Nov. The “round-trip” ticket cost her less than thirty dollars (30.00).

I believe I am forgetting how to write decently. My pen wants to “run wild.”

Friday, December 25, 1891  

No one here but Miss Clary – but the children had a good time with their tree.

Prescott set it up and they all had a hand in trimming it.

Aunt Susan sent oranges, dates, grapes and candy.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson called in the P.M.

Clouds and rain since last Mon. night.

Saturday, December 26, 1891     

Very rainy. Mr. Sanderson came to help get apples ready. Two carloads have been sent to England and another is to go next week.

Miss Clary has fixed the girls cloaks. She expected Prescott would have taken her to Conway today.

Sunday, December 27, 1891  

Windy but sunshine. The usual number went out to church. Papa, P. M. E. and Miss Clary went again this eve.

Monday, December 28, 1891    

Prescott had to give up work and come into the house, – headache, sore throat etc. He laid on my bed the most of the day.

Mr. Sanderson here at work.

Mr. Bradford butchered two hogs.

Tuesday, December 29, 1891     

Not rainy but cloudy. Mr. Sanderson here drawing apples to help Jessie Wells. He carried Miss Clary to the depot also.

Mrs. S. Alton and Willie with Mrs. Johnson & Harry were here to dinner. Rained hard when they went home tonight. They think that Prescott has the scarlet fever.

Wednesday, December 30, 1891

Frank went off with the car of apples.

Dr. Perry agrees in saying that P. has the scarlet fever.

Thursday, December 31, 1891    

Mother and Emma did the washing.

Susie had a tea-party and helped trim her apron.