March 1896

Saturday, March 7, 1896  

A very rainy day. A week ago today it rained hard all day, but the water did not freeze – today the trees are covered with ice.

Sunday, March 8, 1896    

Clouds, sunshine, wind and snow-squalls – ice over everything everywhere.

Papa, Prescott, Mattie, Emma, Susie and Henry went to ch. Susie stayed down with Clara Hawks. Henry took dinner with Aunt Susan, then came home after the Jr. En. Meeting. Preaching in the vestry – furnace wanted fixing.

Mr. & Mrs. F. Sanderson here with their baby this P.M. He weighs 19 lbs. a nice handsome boy. Arthur came up with Prescott this P.M.

Monday, March 9, 1896   

Pleasant but windy. Emma & Mattie went up to Mr. O. Nash’s this P.M. to see how she was. Found her more comfortable than she had been.

Gov. Greenhalge’s funeral this P.M. Bells tolled.

Tuesday, March 10, 1896       

A mild pleasant day – the first we have had in a long time.

Father and Mother came up and spent most of the day.

Grandpa W. went to the village after meat. Mrs. Ice came down with the children so they could see the baby.

Papa and the big girls went to committee meeting held at Genevra Hill’s.

Wednesday, March 11, 1896  

Cloudy this A.M. Commenced to snow hard this P.M. Susie & Henry went down to a social held in the vestry by the J.E. Society. Henry came home. Susie went to stay with Grandma T.

Grandpa drawing birch logs to Mr. Morton’s mill.

So stormy and rough tonight that they could not go to meeting.

Aunt S. went to Springfield.

Thursday, March 12, 1896  

Cold, squally and very windy. Grandpa W. drawing logs on a sled today. Prescott went after Susie tonight.

Mrs. O. Nash died this morning at 9 ½ o’c. Ellen Nash came home two weeks ago last Saturday. Mrs. N. wrote me a note on Geo’s birthday Feb. 21” sent him candy and a .25 piece.

I have been fixing Emma’s striped dress waist.

Frank went up to Mr. O. Nash’s.

Friday, March 13, 1896   

Pleasant. Papa and Prescott drew wood this A.M. This P.M. Frank, Grandma and Mrs. Ice went to the funeral of Mrs. Oliver Nash. She was only 70 yrs. old. She had changed so after death that the corpse could not be seen at the funeral. She requested a simple service at the house with only the relatives and neighbors to attend, nearly all the neighbors were there. Quite a number of them went to the grave. Grandpa went out and joined the procession when they passed the house.

Mr. and (Mrs.) Snyder attended the service.

Frank bought a nursing bottle for Florence tonight. Mattie washed baby clothes and napkins.

Saturday, March 14, 1896     

Pleasant. I have worked around the house considerable today.

Emma ironed baby clothes and napkins. Mattie cleaned up around the house a little. Last night Prescott and Emma tried their luck dressing chickens without me to help.

Frank went to the village tonight pd. the Dr. $5.00 & fruit bill of $11.50.

Aunt Susan & Mr. Barrus went to Conway today.

Sunday, March 15, 1896   

Pleasant this morn. Snowing hard tonight. All the children (except baby F.) went to ch. with Papa. Services in the vestry – until the furnace is repaired. Henry stayed down till 5 o’c.

“Grandma T” and Mrs. Raymond are in Amherst with Mr. John F. Gleasons family: went yesterday.

Frank and the three older children went to meeting this eve.

Monday, March 16, 1896  

Very stormy – more snow. F. & P. had to stop sledding wood.

E. & Grandma made butter had 15 lbs.

Commenced to cut Mattie’s new waist.

Snows and blows tonight.

Wednesday, March 18, 1896  

Pleasant and warmer. Good sleighing the snow did not drift very badly. Prescott plowed out roads around house and down to the village.

Grandma and Mattie washed small clothes and G. washed M’s gray dress.

Frank went to New Haven this morning early. Grandma went down to stay with Mrs. Morse this morn. Dr. Hayes sent for her. Mrs. M. was very sick. The Dr. had been there all night – baby girl born: both mother and child are in bad condition.

This P.M. father, mother, Mrs. Raymond and Miss Abell called.

Prescott and Mattie went to meeting this eve. I had sick-headache today. A letter came from Genevra Hill.

Thursday, March 19, 1896  

Very stormy – snow in the morn – rain this P.M. Very severe. F. came – walked up from the village in the rain & “slush” – guess the snow will soon be melted.

P. went to the village this morn. Brought clothes home.

Friday, March 20, 1896  

Sunshine & wind – colder tonight. F. took potatoes up to John’s and down to Mr. Chapman’s – another load to go to Mt. Tom. 30 cents per bushel.

Girls did ironing. Grandma made birth-day cake for tomorrow. I have sewed a little nearly finished M’s waist.

Prescott been cutting wood at the door.

Mrs. Morse’s baby died today.

Saturday, March 21, 1896    

Cloudy this morn – cleared off nicely before night warmer. Girls did up their work ready for school to begin Monday. I did not get M’s waist finished.

Frank went to Mt. Tom with potatoes did not get back until supper-time sleighing is quite poor down towards Northampton: he left a box of butter at Mr. Cutler’s store. 18 yrs. ago today was our wedding day. The children cracked nuts and popped corn to celebrate. Grandma made birthday cake. This P.M. Father, mother, Miss Abell, Aunt Susan and Mrs. Raymond came up to celebrate my mother brought a birthday cake.

Grandpa W. went this P.M. to stay with his sister over Sunday. He gave me some money for present. I shall pay for the Congregationalist now. Grandma W. gave me a h’d’k and a $1. bill. Susie gave papa a tidy. Geo. put a box of walnuts under papa’s plate and mine.

Sunday, March 22, 1896      

Snow squalls – pleasant before night. All the R’s went to ch. except ma and Florence. Mrs. Morse’s baby was buried this morn. M. E. and Henry went down to the house to see the baby.

Pa, Prescott, Mattie & Emma went this eve.

Mrs. Darwin James spoke – subj. The future of our country.

Mattie was leader of the C.E. meeting – subject “Diligence in Business.”

Florence Julia gained 1 lb. last week (9 ½ lbs. now)

Monday, March 23, 1896

School commenced today. Cold and pleasant this morn – snowing hard tonight cleared off before bed-time.

H. & S. have a new teacher. Miss Newman. Mrs. Farnum returned to take the high school.

Grandma made apple & mince pies. Papa went to the village this eve to see about the Stereoptican.

Tuesday, March 24, 1896   

Pleasant cold 8 above 0 this morn.

F. at work getting wood ready for steam saw. Gr. made doughnuts & breakfast cakes also made 17 lbs. butter.

I finished M’s waist.

Wednesday, March 25, 1896  

Pleasant, not much warmer. Mr. & Mrs. Waite called – also Mrs. Ice & Ellsworth Nash. Nellie is in Montana with her brother Hart.

Baby and mending do not help me to do much other work. I feel anxious to stir about more. I have had “to be careful” so long that I am getting restless.

Papa and Prescott went to meeting.

The Haydenville people united with our people tonight.

Sunday, March 29, 1896  

Rained very hard until about 4 o’clock. Prescott, M. E. & Henry went to ch. with Papa. Prescott was the only one to go tonight.

Monday, March 30, 1896

Very rainy. Children drove down to school. Pa. and Grandpa sorted potatoes. Pleasant tonight.

Susie did not go to school – she complains of pain in her stomach.

F. cut scions.

Tuesday, March 31, 1896

Pleasant good “sap” day. Susie went to school.

Mrs. Waites’ baby came home today.

Snow is leaving rapidly.

I am making Emma’s waist like Mattie’s.

Mrs. Waite sent after the cradle again.