To my dear husband and children –

I want you to know that I have faith in God and believe Jesus Christ his son was sent for our salvation if we will believe and trust him. I also believe in the Holy Spirit – even the Comforter that Christ sent after his death & resurrection. It is only by the strength that has come from above that I have borne up through various trying circumstances.

But I know that there are certain physical conditions about me that will not endure for very long under too much friction and for that reason I write this so when the time comes for the ‘cord to snap’ – when the last straw is thrown on – you may know that I was not ignorant of my condition.

It has been a long time since I first took pains to avoid all serious differences or tried to have my say about anything whatever. I have tried to get along some way and take whatever came of word or deed as lightly as possible – doing all in my power to help all the family. I have also tried to make you all happy by teaching you kindness and helping you to avoid quarrels or unkind words.

Always remember that Blessed are the peace-makers (not will be) also remember “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” I love you all most devotedly and it has been for your sakes that I have taken pains to care for myself as best I knew how.

I fully appreciate all your efforts to please me and feel sure you have tried to do right to help me as well as for your own sakes. True happiness is found by striving to do good in the world and we do not need to leave our own homes for the sake of doing good in the world.

There are many things I might tell you about all my various conflicts and trials but I will not. I am not afraid to stand before your judgments. You know my weak points as well as my strong ones & trust you will have charity for me.

I have strived so hard against worrying and hope you can all “Trust in the Lord and do good for we have the promise “Trust in the Lord and do good & verily thou shalt be fed.”

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, etc. etc.

Love to all (E.L.T.R.)

If any one reads this they need not think of me as crazy or ‘losing my mind in my sense.’ I am thankful that my head is the strongest part and has helped to bear the other infirmities of my body.