February 1888

Wednesday, February 1, 1888

Pleasant and mild. Grandpa has sold one hog to D. Hill came to over $23.00. Nothing wonderful to relate of today’s doings., only mending.

Thursday, February 2, 1888

Pleasant. Grandpa and Prescott been to the village. We have baked bread & pies. Churned and ironed a little. Mother W. has been hardly able to keep about.

Friday, February 3, 1888

Cloudy this morn. but pleasant before noon.
Sweeping day. Grandma made two kinds of cake. I am making a turkey-red apron for Henry.
Received word that Uncle Lewis Miller is dead: he died last Wed. night. Aunt S. went to Conway with the body today. Funeral is to be at father’s tomorrow P.M. at 2 o’c. I have written to mother this evening.
Grandpa and Prescott went down for the mail this P.M.


Turkey-red refers to a technique for dyeing a bright, fast red on cotton fabric. It’s named after the country, not the bird, as the dye originated from that part of the world. The original process was a very laborious one. By the mid-nineteenth century, the process had been simplified and mastered in many countries. There are a number of histories of turkey-red dye out there. Here is one of them from a website called Colorants History: http://colorantshistory.org/MadderRed.html

Saturday, February 4, 1888

Snow-storm with rain this evening. Frank came home tonight. He has been in Huntington buying apples. Mr. Bisbee & son been packing for him in Worthington.

Sunday, February 5, 1888

Clouds and sunshine. Snow is rapidly thawing. We went to church with all the children except Susie. Two months today since Henry and I have been out. Susie is so good and cunning. She is so delighted with the lambs. We have one in the house.
Frank has been down this eve. A Mr. H. M. Hopkins of Brooklyn spoke, exhorting them to more activity in the meetings.
Rec’d letter from Mrs. Munson. John E. brought it.

Monday, February 6, 1888

Colder and pleasant. Frank has been loading a car of apples – did not finish it today. Mother and I did our washing, were all through at halfpast ten. Made a dozen napkins for Susie this P.M. Mother received a letter from Mrs. Geckler. They are well, but the man upstairs died a week ago – had hemor. of the lungs.

Tuesday, February 7, 1888

10⁰ above 0 this morn. Very cloudy, warmer at noon with snow falling. F. finished loading, put in 189 bls. Came home at noon and made ready to go to Goshen on apple business. I’ve written to Mrs. Munson this eve. Ferdinand went to Northampton.

Wednesday, February 8, 1888

Rain, mist, and snow – cleared off tonight. Mother and I have done our ironing. I have fixed a linen white waist for myself. Father came over to see about renting his place. Arthur is sick again. Ed. expects to be married this mo. Aunt Susan is with mother this week. Sent letter to Frank and Cutler Plympton & Co.

Note: Ed. is Emma’s brother Edward Tilton. He married Katie A. Moody.

Cutler, Plympton & Co. was a general store in Florence, Massachusetts.

Thursday, February 9, 1888

Clear colder and windy. Churned 12 ½ lbs of butter. Cut out gingham aprons for Emma and Mattie.
Sociable down to the vestry this eve supper from 6-8 o’c music and other entertainment afterward.

Friday, February 10, 1888

Colder 8⁰ below 0. Mrs. Oliver Nash fell and hurt one foot and leg yesterday. Mr. N. went down for the Dr. My letter sent to F. in Goshen returned to me, so I suppose he must be in some other town. Begins to snow.

Saturday, February 11, 1888

Snowed rapidly all day. Mother has been doing a little special baking for Emma’s birthday which comes tomorrow. Frank came from Chesterfield via of Cummington. Reached here about 7 o’c this eve. Rec’d a letter from Mrs. Geo. Gunn containing a block for Florence’s quilt.

Sunday, February 12, 1888

Very pleasant. 32⁰ above in middle of the day.
Frank went to church alone. Mr. Wheeler came up to get Frank to help him he is not able to do his work.
Emma had a birthday supper. Grandpa bought some candy and oranges – we had two kinds of cake, short-cake, cold meat and biscuit. John E. here to see his father. E. sent some cakes to the Munson children. Mother and I have written to Mrs. Geckler.
Henry is very much engaged learning the S.S. lessons. His verse now is “And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved son: – hear him.”

Monday, February 13, 1888

Warmer and pleasant. Mother and I did our washing. Made Emma’s birthday apron this P.M. and evening. Frank has been loading a car of apples. Grandpa, Prescott and Ferdinand went to the village tonight. F. has a hard cold.

Tuesday, February 14, 1888

Snow is thawing rapidly. Frank started for Montgomery this morning. Grandpa, Prescott and Mattie went down for the mail this eve. Children all been to the barn this P.M. Susie has not been out before since snow came. We have 19 smart lambs now. Mended stockings and nearly finished Mattie’s apron.

Wednesday, February 15, 1888

Cooler this morn. Been growing cold and windy merc. stands at 0 tonight. Father has been over here today. Mother and I have done our ironing. Susie has three teeth one upper tooth came through since yesterday. One more lamb today. The children have sewed a large ball of rags since Mary went away.

Thursday, February 16, 1888

10⁰ below 0 last night. Churned today, had nearly 12 lbs of butter. Children have been quite restive staying in doors so much. They all went to the barn a short time this morn. Father did not return to C. until tonight: stayed to repair water-works. Mended Frank’s clothes this eve.

Friday, February 17, 1888

Snow-storm and sunshine together. Prescott received a letter from his papa – he was on his way to Montgomery. Devoted this eve to doing nothing but read. Mother has hard pain in neck and head.

Saturday, February 18, 1888

Warmer snowing this morn. Pleasant and mild tonight. Frank came home from West Chesterfield tonight brought news from Aunt Ruby. He stopped at cousin E’s over night. Aunt R. sent cards, Bertha sent candy to the children. Rec’d letters from mother and Uncle Justin today. Today has been mending and sweeping day. Papa, Henry and Susie have hard colds.

Sunday, February 19, 1888

Mild and pleasant. We have all been to church today. Prof. Tyler preached. Text from Matt 20, 27. “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.” S.S. lesson from parable of the unmerciful servant. Mrs. Carr took Mrs. Porter’s place as teacher. Frank has been down again this eve. John Breckinridge called this P.M.

Monday, February 20, 1888

Rained very hard all day. Frank is in town at work today. Grandpa went to the village.
We did not wash today. Mother fried doughnuts, I made two loaves of cake. Mr. W. Frommel came home with Frank after being all day getting.

Tuesday, February 21, 1888

Warmer and pleasant. We did our washing. F. is loading a car. Mr. F. and Breckinridge gone to packing over in Mt. St. Made skirts for Mattie and Emma.

Wednesday, February 22, 1888

Pleasant – snow has settled very fast. Made mince meat and yeast. Frank came home bringing his men with him. Mr. Reed of Chesterfield came this A.M. to spend the night going in to court in the morning. Children been out sliding on the crust today.

Thursday, February 23, 1888

Pleasant. Made mince pies and ironed starched clothes. Men up to Alexander’s. F. and Mr. F. went to Sunderland this A.M. to look for onions.
Father and Frank Stow over to see about selling place.
Rec’d letter from Nettie Moody.

Friday, February 24, 1888

Pleasant. Frank and men started for the hills this morn. We have ironed and churned, had 12 lbs. Grandpa bought a barrel of flour yesterday. Hope it may be better than the last. Grandpa cut up meat.

Saturday, February 25, 1888

Snow, hail and rain all day; clear sky tonight. Frank and Mr. F. returned in the rain. Mother and I made mince and apple pies and three loaves of cake – also roasted pork for the first time this winter.

Sunday, February 26, 1888

Mild and pleasant, the snow of yesterday nearly all melted. Mr. Frommel and Frank have spent the day in the office taking a rest. My spare time has been given to reading to the younger children. S.S. lesson today was about ‘the rich young ruler.’ Ferdinand has been to Northampton and back today.

Monday, February 27, 1888

Colder 16⁰ above. Cloudy this morn. but pleasant the rest of the day. The men have loaded a car and started for Huntington to load a car from there tomorrow. Mr. Breckinridge takes the team in the morning to go to So. Worthington. I’ve not done much but the ordinary work. Grandpa put on meat brine to scald. Took heifer off tonight.

Tuesday, February 28, 1888

Colder 4⁰ above 0 this morning. Grandpa went to the village for the mail: brought me a letter from Marion and carried one to the office for Miss Prouty.
This has been one of the days I’ve accomplished nothing. The children have all stayed indoors. Prescott has a boil on his left cheek. Commenced ripping my summer cashmere dress. Written a line to Marion.

Wednesday, February 29, 1888

Pleasant a little warmer. Grandpa and Prescott have drawn a little wood from the west pasture. Children all been out sliding. Henry and Prescott sawed wood. Mattie ran into a tree and bruised her nose. Frank came home on the last train last night after the oil-stove went away again on the six o’c. this morn. Finished ripping my dress.