September 1892

Thursday, September 1, 1892

Grandpa carried Henry to Northampton.

Mr. Couch fixed the boiler. Bill $35.00.

Friday, September 2, 1892   

Grace Nash called to see the girls. Susie was gone over to Searsville with Grandpa and papa.

Frank is getting apples ready to send to the Prov. market.

Geo. is much better; has a good appetite and his food does not distress him.

Cooler tonight.

Saturday, September 3, 1892

Pleasant. Tony went to Northampton this P.M.

Rec’d a letter from Marion – also sent one to her.

Sunday, September 4, 1892    

Pleasant and cool. Prescott, Susie, papa and I went to ch. All stayed to the communion. Frank and Prescott went tonight.

Mr. Hiram Graves, his wife and John called at the door tonight. News comes of the death of Miss’y W.W. Howland of Jaffna Ceylon.


A brief bio of W.W. Howland from a genelogical website ( states that he first went as a missionary to Ceylon in 1845. “He was stationed first at Batticotta and afterwards at Tillipally in the Jaffna Mission. In 1861, he made a visit to the United States on account of his health, and returned to his post the next year. From the year 1876 he was in charge of the work at Oodooville and the Female Seminary at that station. He died of chronic dysentery, in Jaffna, Ceylon, August 26, 1892.”