September 1894

Monday, September 3, 1894

“Labor Day.” A week ago Sat. Mattie and Emma went to Springfield. We do not get any rain yet. Everything is dry and dusty. Forest fires make the air full of smoke. Frank went to New Haven last Fri. morn came home Sat. eve. Market is dull for fruit. Geo. was taken sick Thurs. night distress in his stomach and bowels caused by eating too many crab-apples. We Dr’d him until last night when F. got the Dr. I wanted something to cleanse his stomach and bowels – as he began to have bloody discharges. He seems better this p.M. and has not vomited since 9 A.M. Arthur, Mrs. Waite, Mrs. Ice & Grace & Willie have been here today.

Henry and Susie went to the depot with Grandpa.

“Boys” are picking Bartlett pears – and sorting Porter apples. Red squirrels are destroying our winter pears. “Dote” Cheney shot two of them this morn. 3 this P.M. Children all expect to go to the village school. Most of the schools open tomorrow.

Last Thurs. Mrs. C. gave me my shawl and Mrs. A. had made another night-dress & sent instead of the one Grandma lent her. I think sometime I shall know where our night dress went. “Murder will out.” Emma and Mattie came this eve. Arthur brought them up. They came to mother’s this P.M. Father and mother have been cleaning the school-house today.

Edw. is having bowel trouble. Aunt L. has a lame shoulder. Uncle C. is not very well. Aunt S. gave the girls a black jacket. They had a fine time seeing the sights. Pictures of the Billings children & dog came to Grandma tonight.

Tuesday, September 4, 1894  

Cool morning but hot & dry through the day. Emma, Henry and Susie started for the village school this morn. I helped Grandma fix red tomatoes also yellow plum tomato with lemon. Geo. seems better and is glad to have Mattie stay with him some. I sew rags for amusement these days. John picked 3 pks. of peaches. Frank has sent off apples and pears this P.M. 20 ½ bls. Sent a basket of pears to Mrs. Sanderson.

Tuesday, September 11, 1894  

Very hot yesterday A.M. Fearful thunder-shower in the P.M. Wind, hail and lightening did considerable damage. The So. St. schoolhouse is demolished. Arthur Miller’s apple-trees blown over. The children stayed down to Grandma Tiltons.

Prescott picked two bu. of tomatoes today Red. large yellow, and yellow plum. Mary Kaser and her husband here this P.M. Grandma called on Mrs. Waite but did not find her at home. Grandpa went to Hatfield. Susie came home at noon as she did not feel well.

Friday, September 21, 1894   

Heavy rains have started the springs. A beautiful day today. Four extra men here picking apples. Hubbardston and Ladies Sweetings.

They run the mill a day and a half this week.

Mrs. W. W. Chilson of Swift River here Mon.

Grandpa T. took his cow home yesterday.

Marion went from mother’s today. She came up to attend her uncle’s funeral.

Wm. F. Arnold died in Northampton.