About Emma Tilton Richards

Emma Lovina Tilton was born March 21, 1858 and died March 22nd, 1902. She married Frank Charles Richards on March 21, 1878. They had nine children altogether. There is a Tilton geneaology online that has additional information.

The family lived in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. They lived with Frank’s mother, Susan, and her husband, Prescott Williams. (Frank’s father died the year Frank was born.)

Frank worked in the fruit trade, gathering and preparing and packing apples and other produce for transport. His step-father, Prescott Williams, was an experienced orchardist.

Emma kept their home which involved sewing, cleaning, preparing food, and raising the children. Her mother-in-law Susan also helped keep the home, and the children had responsibilities as well, especially as they grew older.

Emma was also involved in the Woman’s Christian Temperence Union (W.C.T.U.)


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