December 1895

Wednesday, December 25, 1895

Mild weather and cloudy. Roads very muddy. The little bit of snow has all melted away.

The following are the names of those that kept Christmas with us.

Mrs. Chas. W. Geckler came yesterday. Mr. & Mrs. Moody.

Edw. P. Tilton, his wife and two children.

Fred & Ruth from Springfield.

Father and Mother and Arthur from the village – also Aunt Susan Miller

Miss Campbell (mother’s boarder) and Miss Mary Abell

John Ice, his wife and two children came in the evening. We all had a very pleasant time. Mary A. stayed over night. Also Mrs. G.

Papa and all the children except Geo. went down to the Xmas tree at the ch. last eve. We had a pretty tree well laden at home.

Had chicken pie, potato, scalloped oysters, two kinds pickle, boiled cider sauce, mince, cream, and apple pies with cheese for dinner with nuts, grapes, pop-corn, corn balls, candy cakes and biscuit in the P.M. and eve. We had appropriate pieces sung, read or recited before the presents were distributed.

Peace and good-will was fully manifested by all to all. May the Lord be praised for his great goodness to us from day to day and year to year.

Friday, December 27, 1895

A tempest of wind and rain last night but pleasant today. Mother and Prescott went to Northampton with Mrs. Geckler this P.M.

Changed Papa’s Christmas slippers for a smaller pair.

John Ice has broken one of his feet.

Sunday, December 29, 1895    

Mild and pleasant. All gone to ch. except Grandpa and I.

We are all well as usual – no Drs. bill for the children for more than a yr.