August 1888

Wednesday, August 1, 1888

A very pleasant day. This morning very busy getting ready for company. Mrs. Joseph Williams and daughter came with Mr. Charles Lavake and Mrs. Susan Munyan. We had a very pleasant visit. We set the dinner table in the sitting room it seemed very cool and pleasant. Mr. Snyder called just after the company left.

Saturday, August 4, 1888

Showery. Grandpa and Prescott carried the wool to Conway – sold it at 19 ½ per lb. came to little over $47.00. Grandpa and Grandma Tilton came over with Emma and Arthur. Were here to dinner and supper. We made ice-cream and lemonade for supper.
The men are cleaning out the brush and grass from the “clover lot” orchard in the west pasture.
Mattie was sick last night and today. She has been eating too many apples.

Sunday, August 5, 1888

Exceedingly warm and sultry, but we went to church and heard an excellent sermon. John 17”.17.

S.S. The Burnt Offering Lev. 1. Chap.

Monday, August 6, 1888

Rainy. Mattie is well again. Finished covering lounge quilt – commenced fixing mother’s brown wrapper. Made ice cream for supper. Frank has been to Florence, Northampton and Holyoke.

Tuesday, August 7, 1888

Cloudy. Mary L. Carter has been here spending the day, had a very pleasant time.
Frank has been to Leeds and Florence – carried Mary home this evening. Received card from mother and Florence and Harry; they have another boy born July 31” – weighed nine lbs.

Wednesday, August 8, 1888

Frank is not very well.

Friday, August 10, 1888

Pleasant. F. went to the depot with early harvest apples to be sent to Oscar Frommel & Bro. N.Y. He wants to buy all our fruit, as fast as it is ready to send off.

He stopped on his way home to see Dr. Perry our new Dr. He thinks Frank must take a rest of a week if he doesn’t he is liable to have a fever.

Saturday, August 11, 1888

A very rainy day.

Mr. Hills cow has gone home so we are without milk. Grandpa has been to Northampton. Tirzah sent me a satin basque in yesterday’s mail, one that was given her and she could not wear it.

Sunday, August 12, 1888

Rainy. We did not go to ch. F. is not able to go. I have enjoyed the day home.

Mat. and Louise had some difficulty together today, which causes Grandpa and Grandma a great deal of anxiety.

Aunt Fannie came down this P.M. to see if it was best to go up to Chesterfield on a visit; then she came down at night; she is so frightened that she cannot stay in her house, she thinks there are “beings” there to harm her and get her place.

Monday, August 13, 1888

Rained hard this A.M. almost cleared off before night. Mother and Aunt F. went up to her house and packed her trunk, the children helped her bring it down to the house. She is to stay here until tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 1888

Very pleasant day. Grandpa and Frank went to Chesterfield to buy a cow. Bought one of a Mr. Cobb for $40. Arr’d home at noon. We had a “spectacle man” here to dinner. bought a new pair. Frank carried Aunt F. down to take the P.M. stage for C. to make her visit at Munson’s – their children are having the whooping cough.

We had one ripe tomato today the first of the season.

Cut out and tucked an apron for Susie today. Received a card from Clara Geckler and one from cousin Tirzah to M. & E. They had also a package from Ella Bradley.

Little Oliver Nash has been here to play with the children today.

Sunday, August 19, 1888

Cool and pleasant. Frank tryed to go church but gave it up after going after the horse.
Grandpa went down with the children and I. Mr. Snyder preached took the Lords Prayer for his text.
Mr. Kelno, wife and two young girls rode up here this eve.
This eve. has been so clear, and bright moonlight.

Monday, August 20, 1888

Very pleasant. Louise has done a large washing. I have cleaned my cashmere wrapper and partly mended it. Wrote to mother, Ella Bradley and cousin Tirzah this evening.
Frank and Matthias have been clearing the white weed out of the mowing. Grandpa and Grandma Williams walked up on to Walnut Hill this P.M. had a pleasant walk.

Tuesday, August 21, 1888

Clouds coming over all day and raining hard tonight. William O’Brien at work here digging post holes.
Frank and Prescott went to the depot to send off apples, then he and Grandpa went on the hill after cattle. Prescott & Mattie went after high bush black-berries this morn – got two qts in an hour. P. Mattie and Emma walked to the village after the mail. Frank has been through the neighborhood this P.M. to see about more apples. I have cut and basted a light wrapper for mother to be made up for a “cooler.”
Today has been one of the days, but it has come to an end all right.
We read that lightening struck the school-house in the village last Fri. Did a little damage. They had hail in Goshen and other places around us.
Wm. F. Avery has resigned his pastorate in Huntington on account of ill health. He is to go to Conway to live with his son Wm.
We had another bl. of flour Aug. 17.

Thursday, August 23, 1888

Pleasant and cool. Grandma and Frank went to Florence this P.M. They carried Mattie, Emma and Henry down to Miss Hattie Nash’s. She invited all the class. She took them to ride in the hay wagon (16 in all) the children came home very happy.

Friday, August 24, 1888

Arthur came here from Westfield. The children have enjoyed playing with him.

Finished mother’s wrapper all but a few button-holes. Made a plain sack apron for Susie out of turkey red cotton.

Saturday, August 25, 1888

Very warm and pleasant. Frank and I took all the children, but Emma, with Arthur and went to Conway this P.M. We found Edward and Nettie at Father’s.

Sunday, August 26, 1888

Warm and pleasant. Frank took care of Susie so I could go to church. I saw Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Perry Emma and Anna Bartlett and several others that I had not spoken with for some time.

Rev. Mr. Thomas preached – subject Christian Union. It seems lamentable to think that he must take his pretty little family and leave town just as they are nicely settled.

We drove home this evening reached here at 6-30 o’c. Found Emma sitting in the shed watching for us. Henry sung nearly all the way home. Susie helped her father drive.

Monday, August 27, 1888

Very pleasant. Louise has done the washing. Finished mending my cashmere wrapper. Cut out a pair of pants for Prescott. Mother Susie and I walked up to Aunt Fannie’s house found everything all right. Wrote to Florence, Coz. Ellen and Minnie and Mother.

Tuesday, August 28, 1888

Cool wind blowing all day. Men have been picking and packing Clapp’s Fav. Pears and crab-apples. I helped iron a little – mother made ginger bread, picked cucumbers for pickles. Sewed on pants.

Note: Clapp’s Fav. Pears description: “Handsome and hardy. Vigorous tree has an upright growth habit and produces large, sun-yellow pears with a red cheek. Fruit is juicy with a fine sweet texture, ideal for fresh-eating and canning. Harvest a week or two before Bartlett. Originates from Massachusetts in the late 1800s. Ripens in late August.”

Wednesday, August 29, 1888

Cloudy – been getting ready to go to Montgomery.

Thursday, August 30, 1888

Very pleasant went to M. via Norwich Hill.

Friday, August 31, 1888

Very pleasant and warm. Minnie Camp, Bertha and cousin John took Frank, Henry Susie and I to ride down to the sand spring coming round via the summer house where the city boarders. In the P.M. Cousin Ellen and John went down to Cousin Minnie Wright’s with us. Cloudy at night.