March 1898

Tuesday, March 1, 1898   

Beautiful day. Children have fine times sliding on the crust.

3 of the Carrol children here. Frank and Grandpa W. went to Mr. R. Smiths place in Goshen to attend an auction.

Emma went to spend the day with the Porter girls. Prescott went over this evening.

I have been at work on my basque – did mending this eve. Sent a letter to Miss Benton in Brooklyn. Rec’d a letter from Miss Prouty. Wrote a card to her this eve.

Mrs. McGowan dropped dead in her door-yard last evening. Death caused by heart disease.

Wednesday, March 2, 1898  

A mild pleasant day. Cloudy tonight. I have done up 4 shirts, several collars and cuffs, etc. Grandma went over to Frank Sanderson’s this P.M. Florence and I rode over to come back with Frank. We called at Mr. Nelson Damon’s when we came back. He lives on the Sam’l Nash farm. Prescott, Frank and I went down to the preparatory lecture this evening. Mary Carter wants Prescott to help in the store.

Thursday, March 3, 1898   

Snow came in the night but pleasant today. Emma has done the house work. I made bread biscuit and apple custard pies. Mrs. Henry Waite called this P.M.

Mrs. Quartus Warner was here while we were away yesterday.

Cousin Minerva Giddings came to visit mother 20 yrs. ago now. I got her to help me make my dresses before I was married. She married a Mr. Ezra Wright of Montgomery that same year. She died the 10” of last Jan. from the effects of a shock.

Rec’d a letter from Miss Bradley Sec. of the Class ’99 N.H.S. in acknowledgment of Mattie’s mem. card. Henry and Susie have gone to a Jun. End. Social. Susie expects to stay over night with Aunt S.

Henry is invited to go to Howard Langdon’s.

“Aunt Libbie” Geckler was coming today, but sent word that something had prevented.

Friday, March 4, 1898  

Pleasant. I made doughnuts and ginger bread. Mrs. Hiram Graves to dinner staid part of the P.M. Prescott could not go to singing school tonight but Emma, Henry and Susie went. Frank took them down. Snows this eve. Prescott’s eyes are troubling him.

Saturday, March 5, 1898  

Windy this morn but not very cold. I made bread, pies and cake.

Prescott went over after Grandma this P.M. Trimming trees has been the order for this week. Finished my black basque this P.M.

Prescott went to the rehearsal this eve. Frank went and bought him a new hat.

Great excitement in town over license or no license. Mr. Smith or Taylor for Selectman. Mr. Smith is the man – wait and see which will get it.

Sunday, March 6, 1898  

A beautiful day. The family all out to ch. Frank went to Northampton to visit the Edw. ch. S. S. Florence did not behave very good. I could not stay up stairs with her.

26 yrs. ago today I joined the ch. here in Williamsburg. Mr. Parker was the minister.

Prescott, Emma & papa walked down this eve. Henry has had a hard time with teethache for several days.

Monday, March 7, 1898  

Emma has a hard cold. She and Grandma washed. I made 8 lbs. butter. Mr. James Nash called. Grandpa & Frank went to Town-meeting.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Goodhue are safe in the eyes of the people.

Superintendent question is settled. No license was voted. 4500 appropriated for school work. Mr. Cone, Mr. Purrington, Mrs. Weyant school-committee. Mrs. W. is our M. E. minister’s wife.

Mr. Carroll is moving out of John Ice’s house.

Mr. Arthur Smith is coming in.

Tuesday, March 8, 1898     

Mild and pleasant. The sap runs freely. Frank went off to look up stock to pasture. I commenced to make over a dress into a wrapper.

Made Johnny cake for supper.

Florence walked all around on the crust. Geo. had a new pair of pants today. .50

Wednesday, March 9, 1898  

Pleasant. Snow going off fast. Hart Nash here to dinner, supper and stayed over night.

Prescott went down to meeting this eve.

His sister Nellie Baggs is in Hartford. He lives in Ada Montana – owns a large cattle-ranch there.

Thursday, March 10, 1898

Pleasant and warm. Prescott took Florence and I down to Aunt Susans. I went to the store and bought 3 pairs of rubbers for Geo. Susie & I. Aunt S. Florence and I attended the sewing society afternoon and evening. Enjoyed it very much. Prescott was one of the waiters on the table. Papa and Emma came in the eve.

Friday, March 11, 1898    

Mild and pleasant – snow is disappearing rapidly. I called on Mary Carter and her mother. Took dinner with Mrs. Hawks. At 3 o’c went to Mrs. Ball’s. Aunt Susan came to tea. 4 of the children came down to singing school this eve.

Arthur is expected up the 20” to stay 4 days.

Saturday, March 12, 1898     

Raining hard this morn. Foggy this P.M. Helped Aunt Susan do her baking in the morn. Frank came down after us in the P.M. 10 yrs ago today was the N. E. blizzard. Frank was block-aded over in Chester while packing apples. Helped scrub the “children” and did a little mending before Sun.

Grandma cleaned house while I was away.

Sunday, March 13, 1898   

Foggy and rainy a little. “Deputation day” Y.M.C.A. men came out from Northampton. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Rogers were the speakers in the A.M. Rev. Mr. Dilts Bap. minister of Northampton spoke to the men at 4 o’c. Prof. Tyler in the evening. Frank stayed down to Aunt Susan’s to dinner.

The S.S. met in the audience room today for the first time.

Prescott and Emma went down this eve. Florence has been so busy today that she went to bed all tired out.

Grandma is all tired out. We shall all want to start in new in the morn.


I found a reference to YMCA deputations in a publication titled The Bible Study Department of the Student Young Men’s Christian Association. It is connected to efforts of the collegiate YMCA members to recruit new members from college-bound high school graduates. Here’s an excerpt:

“Send deputations where possible to those academies, high schools, and other preparatory institutions which send the most men to college. While this point applies chiefly to the East, it may be observed to some extent by nearly every Association. The deputation should ordinarily consist of two or three men, although often one man will do just as well . . . The aim of this work is to place before preparatory students in a true and attractive light the student Young Men’s Christian Association, and its claims upon them as they enter upon their college life.”

Monday, March 14, 1898  

Pleasant and warm. Children commenced to go to school. A Mr. Pratt has come to teach the High School in Mr. Griffith’s place.

Prescott started for Springfield this A.M. We made 8 lbs. butter.

Frank has been repairing our stove reservoir the bottom of the iron case fell out.

F. went down for the children with a wagon.

Tuesday, March 15, 1898   

Froze a little last night so it was good walking on the crust this morn. Grandma has done washing.

Children like their new teacher.

Rec’d three papers from Uncle Justin “East End Echo” is its name and this is its first year.

Tomorrow Mary Carter is 39 yrs. old.

Frank is trimming trees yet.

I sent a letter to Miss Prouty and Mrs. Sanderson yesterday.

Friday, March 18, 1898     

Prescott returned tonight in season for Singing School. Uncle Barrus and Aunt Susan called here just at supper time. Emma and Susie stayed at her house until time for singing school. Frank went down after them. Mr. Tanner had his Sunday School class at his house last eve. Prescott could not be there.

Saturday, March 19, 1898   

Very rainy this A.M. Cleared off towards evening.

I made raised doughnuts and made 9 lbs. butter. Nearly finished my wrapper. Frank has been writing an article about James Nash – the oldest son of W. A. Nash. Grandpa furnished the general facts about him.

Sunday, March 20, 1898   

Windy but not cold. Snow disappearing rapidly – dry spots in the road down to the village.

We all have been to church. Henry & P. walked down. E. walked home also. Not very good travelling on the out roads.

Mr. Pierpont’s text was “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God.” A S.S. sermon. He likened the S.S. to a food exhibit. We should see that the children were fed with the word of God. Henry stayed down to the Jr. Endeavor So. Took dinner at Aunt Susans.

Frank, Emma and Prescott went this eve.

20 yrs. ago tonight Aunt Sarah came over to father’s to stay over night. She could sleep with the intended bride.

The weather then (20 yrs. ago today) was cold and windy but no snow on the ground.

Monday, March 21, 1898

Clouds, snow squalls and sunshine. Frank carried Grandpa and Grandma down to Aunt Susan’s this morn. Prescott has spent the time doing chores around home and taking care of Florence. Frank, Florence and I went down to Aunt Susan’s about 3 o’c.

Children came there after school. Edward and all his family came up at night and surprised us. Arthur came yesterday.

We were all invited to the vestry in the evening to celebrate our 20” ann’y etc. Henry, Emma and Geo stayed over night with Miss Geneva Hill. Susie stayed with Clara Hawks, Edw. and family with Aunt Susan. Arthur went down to Chas. Damons. Rec’d letter and poetry from Miss Prouty.

(List of names of people who attended anniversary party) Omitted.

Tuesday, March 22, 1898    

Snow squalls. Edw. and family came at noon. Frank went down in the morn and brought up the new chair and dishes – six china plates from Arthur and Grace Ball, a nappie and pitcher from Edw. and Nettie, a linen doilie from Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Damon.

Children all at home tonight – every bedroom in the house is occupied tonight. 16 persons in the house. We had a fine time visiting.

Wednesday, March 23, 1898  

Foggy, windy and sunshine. Rained in the night.

Bro’s family and Arthur went this P.M. Emma stayed down to the village. Rec’d a letter from Mrs. Hiram Graves.

Sunday, March 27, 1898

Cloudy. We all except Henry went to church today. Mr. Pierpont preached from the parable of the prodigal son. The attitude of the elder brother towards him.

Papa staid down to dinner with Aunt Susan. S.S. Review. Stereoptican views in the evening. Children went again ex. Florence and Henry. H. had a hard time with an ugly tooth. Florence behaved nicely. Emma took care of her so I could go into the S.S. class.

They hold the opening exercises of the S.S. in the audience room of the ch., then the dif. classes go to their own places.

Frank is very tired tonight. Rec’d a letter from Florence and answered it last week.


A stereoptican is a slide projector. Its set-up allowed for pictures to be displayed in sequence as if dissolving into the next view. It was a form of entertainment before moving pictures. (from wikipedia of course).

Monday, March 28, 1898   

Cloudy – “rainy some.” Grandma has done the washing. I did a little of most everything. Henry went and had his tooth out and then came home. His face pains him quite hard yet.

Mr. Arthur Smith is moving into the John Ice house.

Grandma set a hen today – one was set the 18” and one other between.

Tuesday, March 29, 1898   

Grandma went over to Mr. Frank Sanderson’s. She came after her. A warm nice day.

Florence has been out with her father.

Mrs. Henry Waite and her mother Mrs. Bennett called here with Elsie this P.M. Mrs. W. has been married 8 yrs. today.

Thursday, March 31, 1898  

Snowed last night and part of the morn. Pleasant and colder tonight. Frank, Prescott and I went down to the “O.M’s” sewing so. Had a fine time. I made bread and raised cake.