April 1901

Sunday, April 26, 1901   

A very wet time this month, but we have had 3 pleasant days now.
Grandma and Prescott went to Springfield. Prescott returned – at night. Emma stayed with Edw. All the others went to ch. Mr. Post of Westhampton preached – very earnest sermon.

Frank went to hear the new M. E. min. His name is Hull.

Mr. Quartus Warner has moved to the Hannum house in the village.

Sold his farm to a Mr. Stone. Mr. W. is quite sick at his grandson’s. Mrs. Hiram Nash is just alive.

Rec’d a letter from sister Florence last night. They are all well as usual.

We visited the cemetery after church and carried flowers to Mattie’s grave – arbutus – also sent a box full to Springfield.