October 1898

Saturday, October 1, 1898   

Very warm again. Aunt Susan, Mrs. Whitman, Miss Whitman and Eliza were here to tea. Emma and Florence drove down after E. & Miss W.

They rode back with Prescott this eve.

Uncle B. carried the boy away from Mr. Smiths to Brier Hill then came around here after Aunt S. & Mrs. W.

Grandpa had been to town again alone today. Pd. int. at Smith Charities $53.84 for 5 mo. & 5 days. He bought a saddle.

Sunday, October 2, 1898     

Warm again 82 at noon. Seven of the family went to ch. Grandma looks sick today. Emma went to Jr. Endeavor this P.M. I have written to Mary Guilford. She has been having the dysentery.

Arthur and Grace called tonight. Did not get out of the carriage.

Sunday, October 9, 1898

A beautiful cool day. All the family in church except Grandpa and I. Arthur J. T. is 22 yrs. old today. I was in school at Westfield when A. was one week old. Mrs. Burke and I drove out home and stayed over Sun.

Grandpa W. went to Northampton alone again last week but he gets around all right so far. Henry, Prescott, Emma & Susie went to cattle show last Thurs. Quite an event for them. Charlotte Howland, Florence H, Miss Whitman and Aunt Susan called here that day. Geo. H. and his wife had gone on to Mt. Tom celebrating the 1st ann’y of their marriage.

The men are nearly through apple picking. They are sorting Hubbardston’s and King’s. I suppose Mrs. Hawks is in Boston or Weymouth today.

Jack O’Brien the boy that lives here has gone to Hadley today.

It is a yr. the 11” since Grandpa had a kind of a shock.

Sunday, October 16, 1898     

Cooler and windy. We have not had frost enough yet in our yard to hurt geraniums in the flower beds. Family all been to ch. except Henry and I. Mr. Keyser the Goshen minister preached.

The Hampshire Co. Conf. of Cong’l churches met here last Wed. and Thurs. Grandma and Emma went all day Thurs.

Aunt Susan and Uncle Barrus are in Boston over Sun. The men loaded a car of apples yesterday. Charles Damon’s team and Henry Waite’s helped draw them to the depot.

Grandpa W. went to Springfield alone last Fri. Walked up from the village and did not get here until after dark.

Sunday, October 23, 1898  

Rainy yesterday. Prescott and Emma went to Springfield yesterday P.M.

Prescott and Henry came home this eve.

All went to ch. except Grandpa and I. Frank went alone tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 1898

Emma came home tonight.

Saturday, October 29, 1898  

Cloudy all day. Mr. & Mrs. Warner Tilden here to dinner – spent the P.M. We have had company every day this week.

Men have had a new steam boiler put into the mill. Springfield man here 2 days. Mr. Cutting of Northampton here today to finish it.

Boiler was $60. plus costs.

Sunday, October 30, 1898  

Very rainy all day – pleasant tonight.

Grandma & Florence did not go to ch. today. Pa, Emma & Henry gone tonight.

I have written to Aunt Florence, cousin Sarah Graves of Florence and to Mr. B. M. Ludden of Brooklyn.

Monday, October 31, 1898  

Arthur went to Conway to get some things for Aunt Susan. He is coming here tomorrow.