June 1900

Friday, June 1, 1900

Frank went to N. for a load of bls. P. cut brush over east and worked a little wood. Prescott churned. E. worked up butter had 15 lbs. I have made out to sew enough to keep up the mending.

Grandma got pretty tired yesterday.

Saturday, June 2, 1900

Quite warm. Emma made buns and did up starched clothes. Grandma made pies. I made burwick sponge cake.

Prescott set out tomato plants. Frank went to village, then they took dinners and went onto Walnut Hill. Showery. E. did not have a nap.

Sunday, June 3, 1900  

Rained most of the time. Merc. at 60.

Frank, Prescott, Emma, Susie, Geo. & Flo. went to ch. Edw. did not sleep any today but has felt pretty well. Frank did not go tonight. P. E. & H. went. Henry was to lead the C. E. meeting.

I have been interested reading about the Boers by Rev. Chas. Phillips, also about Alaska by Mr. Wirt a missionary that is to return there. Mr. Wirt was in N. last Sun. eve. Prescott and Henry went in to hear him.

Friday, June 22, 1900       

Henry graduated under difficulties but he did his part nobly. The evening was rather rainy. I stayed down with Aunt Susan. Geo. went home with the older ones, but Geo. Susie and Florence stayed down with me. The hall was crowded and many had to go away without getting in at all.

Mr. Wright the Prin. does not leave many friends behind him.

Prescott went down in the P.M. to help them decorate the hall.