March 1899

Wednesday, March 1, 1899     

Pleasant and warm. Farmer’s Institute in the Town Hall today. I sent doughnuts and milk.

Henry went down to help the W.C.T.U. ladies about getting up their dinner. They made quite a success of the Institute and dinner. Ladies charged .25 and took in about $15.

Frank’s name is up for one of the selectmen. He appeared before the Republican Com. this eve. Prescott, Emma and Susie went down to the preparatory lecture this eve.

I made raised cake and doughnuts today. Also ironed starched clothes.

We hear that Grandpa’s eyes are doing finely.

Thursday, March 2, 1899    

Snowed hard all day. Mrs. Hawkes drove up in our team this morn.

F. went to Northampton to get a chain (iron one I mean). Prescott drawing logs. He and Emma took Mrs. Hawkes down and went to literary club.

Sunday, March 5, 1899

Rainy & foggy all day. Susie, Emma, Henry, Florence & their pa went to church.

Communion Sunday. Henry & Susie were rec’d into the ch. H. had to be baptized. This is the anniversary of my joining the ch. the yr. I was 14 yrs. old.

Monday, March 6, 1899   

A beautiful day. Prescott has been drawing logs. Frank went to Town Meeting – he rec’d 180 votes for selectman. He has gone (by invitation) to a celebration of the United Workmen.

Henry has gone to help Uncle Barrus as he is not feeling well these days.

Mrs. D. Davenport of Northampton is dead. She was one of mother’s old friends. She was sick only a few days – age 68. We hear that Grandpa W. can see with one eye.

Sunday, March 26, 1899  

Snowed hard this morn – snowed or rained nearly every day last week. Last Mon. a fearful wind – a heavy coating of ice covered everything.

Frank spent the A.M. on Walnut Hill shaking ice from the peach trees. Grandma came home from Edw. in the P.M. Susie did not stay down to Aunt Susans that night.

Tues. the 21” Arthur & Grace here to dinner. Aunt Susan and Uncle B. here to supper. Nellie Baggs spent the day. Mrs. Sanderson called in the eve. Florence sent me an apron & F. her picture and little Florence a new dress. Mrs. S. gave me two mats. Grandma W. gave both F. and I a $1. She had brought home bananas & oranges.

I subscribed for the Delineator and Frank bought a pair of gloves.

He went to see Grandpa W. & returned Fri. and went back again last night. Grandma is up to Mr. Chapin’s on Nash Hill.

Prescott was the only one to go to ch. this morn but it was pleasant tonight so they all went except Henry down to see the stereoptican views of the review. H. & I have written to Uncle J. & Florence. I have written cards to Marion and Almera.

Tuesday, March 28, 1899

Mr. Chapin had a son born about 6 o’clock in the evening.

Thursday, March 30, 1899  

I called on the Chapins. John Alvord moved down to Henry Waite’s.