July 1898

Sunday, July 17, 1898  

Very warm and pleasant. We all have been to church. Frank stayed down with Aunt Susan until evening meeting.

Nettie and the children came the 9” and stayed until 14”. Edw. came for them stayed over night. Arthur and Grace called Thurs. eve.

Grandpa W’s sister Susan came Thurs. and stayed until yesterday noon.

Mrs. Snyder is in town.

Uncle Justin has been married 50 yrs. They sent us wedding cards with their pictures on them. June 29” 1848-1898.

Mr. Pierpont exchanged with Mr. Buck of Haydenville.


Wed.20                                Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Hawks spent the P.M. here. Papa, Emma, Prescott and Henry went down to meeting when they went home.


Thur.21                 Laura & Irene Miller spent the day here. Prescott and Emma took them to the village in the evening.


Sun.31                  Pleasant. We all went to ch. Emma, Susie & Henry went to Jr. E. meeting at 3 ½ o’c. Emma stayed till evening but rained so hard Prescott did not go for her.