June 1899

Saturday, June 24, 1899   

Thunder showers and rain all afternoon & eve. Large hail stones & plenty of them today.

Grace Raymond here came last Wed.

Grandpa went to hospital the 2nd time – going again next Wed.

Arthur and Grace were married the 10”. Prescott and Emma stood up with them then drove to Northampton with them reached home about 11 o’c. A. & G. went to their home in Springfield, 38 Calhoun St.

Card from Clara Geckler, her mother G. is worse.

Tomorrow is “flower day” at the cemetery. Last year the rain prevented holding the exercises in the cemetery. Emma went over with the flowers for our lot on Mon. P.M. I’m afraid we’ll have to do the same this year.

President McKinley came on to attend the commencement exercises at So. Hadley this week, so Northampton & Holyoke people had a great time entertaining him. Six of the Richards family went to see the Pres. & the St. parade. All had a fine time.

Mrs. Hawkes spent the P.M. here yesterday.

Mrs. Henry Hill was buried this P.M.

Mr. Arthur Jenny of Whately was buried yesterday P.M.

Mrs. Wm. Nash called in the neighborhood today. Mr. Oliver Nash is quite feeble.

Aunt Susan spent Wednesday here this week. Grandma canned 13 cans full of cherries from my tree.

“Aunt” Libbie Geckler is not any better. They have just had a council of Drs. do not know what they decided about her.

Note: There is a snippet of video footage showing President McKinley at the Mt. Tom Summit House in Northampton during this 1899 visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o-bubJ-AGU



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