February 1899

Sunday, February 5, 1899   

We have had a week of quite cold weather. Snowed all day but not very fast. All went to ch. but Prescott and I.

Lawyer E. B. Gillette of Westfield has died – 82 yrs. old. I enjoyed being in his S.S. class while I was in school at Westfield.

Geo. rec’d a letter from Marion today.

Mrs. Sanderson here yesterday. Papa went to Northampton. Grandma went to the village to try on her dress that Miss Vincent is making.

Mr. Carter died week before last.

Tuesday, February 7, 1899  

Snowed yesterday and today most of the time. Frank & Prescott getting lumber out over east. P. is drawing to the mill. Mr. Cheney worked one half day getting the trees down.

Mr. & Mrs. Williams called yesterday to see about Grandpa going to N. Y. to have his eyes fixed.

Emma has had a sick headache today. I have not done much but mend and take care of Edw.

Susie stays with Aunt Susan again this week.

Lewis Abell died last week age 62.

Sunday, February 12, 1899   

Stormy. Emma is 17 yrs. old today. Grandpa gave her a gold watch $12.00. Pa, Prescott and I gave her a chain. $5.25. She was so pleased and surprised.



Wed.                     Snowing fast Merc. nearly to 0.

Snowing and blowing.

Men shoveling out reached village tonight. Henry came home. We stayed with Aunt S. two nights. Their water pipes burst.

Very cold yet.

Thursday, February 16, 1899   

Grandpa W. went with Willard Williams to N.Y. to have his eyes operated upon. Frank took him down to the steam cars this morn. Rec’d a letter from New Haven calling him down to attend to business – or rather the Mr. Armstead objected to paying all of his last bill – so he and Grandma made ready in a hurry and left here about noon. She was going to Edw’s in Springfield.

Edward Ames weighs 16 lbs.

Friday, February 17, 1899      

Warmer – snow is settling fast.

Saturday, February 18, 1899   

Mild and pleasant. Frank put the new harness on the new horse and took me to the village this P.M. Went to James’ store and called on Aunt Susan. Found Frank Adams there from Minnesota. He had been on to Maine to bury an Aunt of his wife’s. Was out during this blizzardy storm – this aunt had lived with them a yr. and four months.

Willard Williams came home this evening. His eyes cannot be cured. Grandpa had been taken to the operating room when he left. His chances are 85 to 100 that he will get help.

Sunday, February 19, 1899  

Mild – sunshine and clouds. Emma and Henry took care of Edw. and the others went to church. Pa, Florence and I did not stay to S.S. Frank Adams called this eve. Pa Henry and E. went to ch. this eve.

Arthur and Grace came up and stayed an hour or two.

Mr. Pierponts text was about the “burning bush.” The lessons to be drawn from it were very helpful and new to me.

Aunt Susan and Cousin F. went to Northampton to hear a Mr. Chamberlin of New Jersey.

Monday, February 20, 1899    

Very pleasant. This is Ruby Elma’s birthday. She would be nine yrs. old.

Aunt Susan and Cousin Frank spent the day here.

Tuesday, February 21, 1899

Geo’s birthday. He went to school. His pa bought a pair of rubber boots for his birthday present, also some nuts.

Mrs. Alvord has done our washing – rainy tonight.

We heard Arthur came up again. Cousin Frank here to stay over night. We had apples pop-corn & crystalized corn this eve.

Wednesday, February 22, 1899

Foggy but cleared away before sunset. We had not done much but fix for Geo’s tea-party tonight. They (the children) had out their large tea set and sat by themselves at the small table – biscuit & coffee, crackers & jell, cake , nuts, and “butter scotch” were on their bill of fare.

Grandma’s dress was sent today by Arthur. Miss Vincent charged $7.00 for making it.

Frank Adams went to Sunderland today. Henry & Susie went before the committee to be examined preparatory to being rec’d into the ch. Pa and Emma went to meeting also. Susie stayed down with Aunt Susan.

Thursday, February 23, 1899  

Mild and pleasant. Frank has been chopping over east. Prescott’s arm bothers him so he can only do the chores around the house and barn. Emma and I have been ironing.

Pa, Emma & Prescott have gone to ch. social and to see about organizing a literary club. Henry & I are keeping house.

Sunday, February 26, 1899  

Stormy before noon – hailstorm.

Henry and Emma stayed with Edw. while the others went to church.

It seems so restful and helpful to me to get out to ch, but is too bad to keep the children at home to care for Edw.

Frank went down to the Jr. Endeavor So. this P.M. and stayed to the evening meeting. Prescott and Emma went this eve.

Monday, February 27, 1899  

Cloudy. Rec’d a letter from Grandma W.

Tuesday, February 28, 1899  

Pleasant. Rec’d card from Bro. Edw. saying that he has a new daughter born this morn weights 12 lbs. so Edw. has a birthday present of a new cousin.

We washed baby clothes etc.


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