December 1898

Monday, December 28, 1898     

November 28” at about 8 o’clock a new boy arrived. He weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. That eve. the new horse tipped Prescott out of the wagon and ran up to his old home. When they drove him back Frank took him to bring the Dr. up but the boy arrived before the Dr. did.

Sat. night the 26” it began to snow & blow. We had a regular blizzard that night and the next day. The men did not go out only to feed the animals and keep the heat up in the store house so that the apples should not freeze.

Thanksgiving Day, the 24” was stormy; rainy hail and snow. Aunt Susan and Uncle Barrus took dinner with us.

Our little Ruby died 7 yrs. ago that day.

We have had so many bad stormy days since the baby was born. Men are not through grinding apples yet. The contract cider (61 casks) was finished yesterday.

Cousin Geo. Adams visited us yesterday. He works for an electrical Co. in Newark, N.J. He has gone with Aunt S. to spend several days visiting other relatives.

Very cold tonight merc. about down to 0.

Frank has to get up nights to keep apples warm.

Mr. Alvords house burned last Thurs. night. She was down to her sisters in Leeds. He came home drunk – & some way it got a fire.

Henry gave warning down to the village when he went to the ch. after Emma. She went to town that day.


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