November 1896

Thursday, November 5, 1896

Very rainy day but quite warm.

Mr. W. A. Nash has inherited a large fortune and he and his son W. W. are moving to Worcester to enjoy it.

Gertrude Nash W. W.’s daughter is here tonight to visit with Mattie.
They start for Worcester next week.

One car load of apples went from here last Mon. Men have been making cider this week.

Ex – Mayor Brown of Northampton was buried today. He dropped dead while talking with some one. Died without any warning. John Ice worked for him when he lived in Northampton.

Sunday, November 29, 1896   

Mild weather – rainy yesterday – not any snow on the ground and we have not had but one snowy day.

The Westhampton minister preached today. Frank went to Northampton expecting to visit Mr. Dilts’s S.S.

Emma came home to dinner. She went to Springfield with father and mother to spend Thanksgiving – came home last night.

Aunt S. and Mr. Barrus went down too. Eliza Howland has been sick with the quincy. Aunt S. has been with her most of the week.

Edw’s boy weighs 17 ½ lbs. and is 3 months old. They sent his picture to Grandma.


“Quincy”, also spelled as “quinsy” refers to peritonsillar abscess, a complication of tonsillitis.



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