February 1896

Sunday, February 2, 1896    

Windy but not cold. Merc. went up to 42 during the day. Snow came enough to make a little sleighing. We did not get a sleigh out at all until the middle of last month.

Susie, Geo and Grandma did not go to ch. today so there were 5 of us at home. A Syrian preached. He made a plea for the Armenians.

Today is the 15” Ann’y of the starting of the C.E. Society. Henry stayed down to attend the Jr. En. meeting.

Frank lead the other C.E. meeting tonight.

Grandma has subscribed to the Home Journal for Emma’s birthday present.

The family had to change their seat in church to accommodate Mr. Taylor’s family and Mr. Ball’s. Mr. B. is the new sexton.

High School closed Feb. 21st; other schools closed one week earlier.

Note: The Syrian’s plea for the Armenians was probably in reference to the Hamidian (Armenian) Massacres of 1894-1896. The Ottoman Empire killed somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 Armenians during this time. (http://www.armenian-genocide.org/hamidian.html)

Sunday, February 25, 1896

About 9 o’clock a little daughter arr’d at this house. Her name is Florence Julia. She weighed 7 lbs. after she was dressed. I called Frank up to make a fire at 15 m. before 5 o’c. Grandpa W. went for the Dr. about 6 o’c. Little Florence is plump, strong & pretty for a little baby.

Henry, Susie, Emma and Prescott went to church when the Dr. went home. Aunt Susan came home with them after meeting. The day was quite cold merc. down to 0 and lower – but the sky was clear and the wind did not blow. The Dr. thought I was accommodating to let every one have a good night’s sleep.

Aunt Susan stayed with us just a week. She went home in the pouring rain last Sunday when Frank went down to meeting. Over 50 were out to S.S. in spite of the rain. F. went in a sleigh the road is all ice where the ground is not bare. The ice in the rivers is breaking up causing damage to the bridges – electrics have been delayed. Mon. Tues, Wed, Thurs of this week have been very windy. Yesterday Frank went to Florence with butter and eggs – brought home bl. of flour.

I have been up and dressed since Thurs.

John and Sarah Tilton with their boy Roy came over last week Thurs.

J. & S. stayed here to dinner then John went down to Mrs. Brown’s to get Mr. Coburn – but did not get him.

Tonight the clouds are clearing away – the sun is melting the ice off of the trees.

Gov. Greenhalge died yesterday funeral in Lowell next Mon. It is to be a very quiet funeral.

Ex. Gov. Robinson died last week. He was expecting to be present at the dedication of the new Chapel at Northampton State Insane Asylum. The exercises were held Feb. 21”. Father, Mother, Aunt Susan and Mr. Barrus went down. Emma stayed with Miss Abell, so she was not here to Geo’s birthday party. I made crystallized pop-corn and molasses candy.

Father, Mother and Miss Abell were here the 20” of Feb. and that was Ruby Elma’s birthday. She would have been six years old.


Massachusetts Governor Frederic T. Greenhalge died of kidney disease while in his third term.



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