June 1895

Saturday, June 1, 1895

Yesterday was called “the warmest 31st of May that was ever known.”

Today is very hot. Mattie and I have been ironing starched clothes.

Emma did not come home it was too warm to walk up.

John Tilton and his little boy called here tonight. They had been over with Mr. Coburn & rode to N. & back on the electric cars.

I came home from fathers Thurs. night. Geo. and I went down Tues. morn. Visited Susie’s  school Tues. A.M. in the P.M. attended the Memorial exercises at the Town Hall. The program consisted of speaking by different members of the school – singing by the school children also an exhibition of the drill exercise. Mr. Gordon Johnson of Conway told them stories of his army life. Mr. Bisbee read a poem. “The Old Army Wagon – The Government Wagon.”

Wed. A. M. I spent 1 ½ hours in the Intermediate School. Henry’s teacher is Miss Hubbard. She took Miss Barrus’s place when Mrs. Barrus died. I went home to fathers a little before 12 o’c to help Miss Phelps get dinner as father and mother had gone to Northampton. I sent for some pants for Geo. Pd. $.50. Father bought a suit for himself for $12.00.

Wed. P.M. I visited the High School. Geo. went with me and had a nap. After school Emma came after her gingham dress and white waist.

Thurs. was Decoration Day. “Very hot” special car to convey the singers and school-children. The High & Intermediate scholars marched front of the old soldiers to our cemetery and back again, then took car to Haydenville. I rode down with Father in the carriage. About 1000 people passed into the H. cemetery. Rev. Mr. John F. Gleason delivered the address. He came up to father’s to dinner.

Saturday, June 1, 1895 [There appear to be two entries for this date]

Very warm. Mattie and I ironed, did mending and other sewing.

Uncle John Tilton and Roy called.

Harold Knight came to see Henry.

Sunday, June 2, 1895   

All went to church. Emma came home. Arthur came up. Papa stayed down to hear the children rehearse and to hear Mr. Thorndyke at the M.E. ch.

Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth called, also Mr. & Mrs. Henry Waite.

Lizzie Cheney is down to Loudville where they are having diptheria.

Monday, June 3, 1895


Tuesday, June 4, 1895

Very rainy and cooler.

Mr. Packard came to kill the hogs – took down and cut up half of the largest one.

Mr. Miller the butcher is to take the smallest one and the lean out of the other half of the large one.

Wednesday, June 5, 1895   

Rainy. F. went down with the meat at 5 o’c this morn. It came to $19.20. Emma came up home tonight and Prescott carried her back in the eve. I made cake. Grandma tried out the lard. I chopped sausage.

Thursday, June 6, 1895

Cool and pleasant.

Grace Nash and Gertrude called tonight. Mrs. Ice sent washing home.

Fixed Emma’s white dress and a white skirt for Mattie.

Friday, June 7, 1895   

Pleasant and a little warmer.

Grandma made pies and doughnuts. I did part of the ironing.

Nash St. school closes today – also Susie’s school.

Sunday, June 9, 1895  

A very beautiful day. Not too warm for comfort. Mr. Snyder preached to the children “The call of Samuel.”

Children’s Day concert at 5 o’c P.M. Subject of the programme “A call to the children.” Henry, Susie & Emma had parts to take in it.

Frank acted the part of Superintendent beautifully. The flower  committee presented two of the youngest classes with potted plants.

The ch. was prettily trimmed with daisies, ferns, laurels and potted plants. They also had three birds in their cages.

Friday, June 14, 1895  

A warm beautiful day. A busy day for the school children. The exercises at the hall all passed off well. Frank, Susie and I went down. Frank carried Mr. Rowell, Miss Hubbard, Miss Yeomans, Clara Hawks and Susie down to the picnic. I made calls and took supper with mother.

Last Tues. Aunt Susan & Aunt Vashtie took dinner and tea with us.

Father, mother, Miss Abell, came in the P.M. Also Mr. & Mrs. Snyder called.

Wed. Mrs. Sanderson came and carried mother W. home with her. She staid over night.

Saturday, June 15, 1895

Pleasant and warm. Mattie cleaned Mr. Stark’s room did other work and helped me mend. Grandma made pies and packed butter. I mended the matting in Susie’s room and cleaned it. Now she is occupying the room.

Mother W. had seven ladies here yesterday one of whom was Mrs. Louie Connor Bryant. She is nearly 89 years old.

Emma came home to dinner & supper.

Sunday, June 16, 1895  

Another beautiful day.

Our family all went to ch. Emma came home to dinner.

Mr. Snyder’s sermon was so instructive and helpful. The text was from Acts. Christ’s questions to Peter. Simon son of Jonas – lovest thou me?

Papa, Prescott, Mattie, Emma & Henry went down tonight.

I have written to Florence tonight.

Monday, June 17, 1895    

Mattie cleaned the office.

Friday, June 21, 1895

Frank paid Mrs. Ludden $2.00 for horse shed rent up to the 1st of April ’95.

Grandma and F. went to Northampton with cherries.

Saturday, June 22, 1895   

Very warm. I picked over 16 qts. cherries. Prescott carried some to the village. Grandma made 5 pies and put up 8 qt. cans full.

These are dark days for us. Hope the “sun may shine through the clouds” before long.

Sunday, June 23, 1895

Muggy and showery – clear again tonight. We all went to church.

Miss’y day. Contribution for Home Missionary So. Aunt Susan Miller is at Fathers. She intends to go to Goshen tomorrow.

Emma home to dinner. Arthur came up and brought Prescott, Henry and Susan.

Went to meeting tonight except Geo., Susie and I.

Monday, June 24, 1895

Very pleasant and warm. Five dinners put up for men on the hill.

They are hoeing potatoes. Helen Nash came home this P.M.

Grandma picked 2 qts. garden strawberries. Sent a card to Florence.

Sunday, June 30, 1895  

Cloudy and rainy. We have been to ch. Grandma went with us. Sermon was on Patriotism.

Mr. Augustine Root is in town. He stayed here one night last week.

Monday night got caught in a thunder-shower.

Tues.night Prescott, papa and I went to the village. Saw Aunt Susan. She came up here Wed. morn and stayed until Sat. P.M. when Grandpa, Susie, Henry (and I) went down to Mr. James Clapp’s. I stopped with Mrs. Champion Brown while they were gone. A fearful thunder-shower this P.M. The air has been moist and rainy since last Mon.

Mr. Root did not lecture here today.

Mr. Buck of Haydenville also stopped his lecturing there.


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