November 1894

Thursday, November 1, 1894  

Pleasant. I took Henry down to see the Dr. and did some errands for Frank.

John’s father works here this week – so they have 9 or 10 in all to help sort and draw in. I made boiled cider sauce – mother made mince pies.

Friday, November 2, 1894   

Very mild and pleasant. Mother came up with father this morn. We did a two weeks ironing. The pictures that Mr. Knowlton took of the house and orchard came tonight; they are all very good.

Sunday, November 11, 1894    

Snow squalls and sunshine. The past week has been very stormy – rain, wind and snow nearly every day. The men loaded two cars with apples to go to Philadelphia, one last Mon. & one yesterday.

Mon. the teamsters were drenched and nearly frozen at night; kept mother and I busy tending to them (Prescott, F. & William) when they came home. John Ice was out all day with the cattle and he was as bad as the others. In the morn snow was several inches deep. Father came up the next morn to see if we were all alive.

Yesterday P.M. was mild and pleasant. We all have stayed at home from church today. Arthur came up with Mattie this P.M. Prescott has gone to meeting this evening. Papa has gone down to get Mr. Waite to help draw apples in the morning.

Two weeks ago tonight Mattie & Emma made a public confession of their faith during the consecration meeting – several others went forward with them.

Last Sun. Mr. John Breckenridge and Miss Eva Adams united with the church by profession.

Mr. Snyder has started a class to meet at his house at six o’c Sun. eve. M. & E. went last Sun. eve. but they could not go tonight. They are to meet at Mrs. Hawke’s tonight as Mr. Snyder’s children are sick.

Tuesday, November 13, 1894      

Squally snow & rain. Susie stayed down to Mrs. Hawks’s. Emma and Henry came home. Men are drawing apples up from the “clover lot.”

Father and Prescott at work around the mill and apple-house, drawing the cider apples to mill etc.

I commenced to fix over a black basque for Grandma – made a shirt for Henry.

Wednesday, November 14, 1894

Foggy, snow & rain. Cleared off tonight. I called on Mrs. Cheney this P.M. Father did not come up today. Susie stayed down again tonight. Men nearly through drawing apples from the “clover lot.” The 2nd car load of apples have not been heard from. The 3rd one went Mon. morn. The Angel children have been ordered to go to Boston. One of the boys is up with Mrs. Nathan Graves’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvord are living down here in Mr. Wheeler’s shop and Addie’s children with her. The oldest boy has come – the one that Mr. Alford took before Addie was married the second time. School closes Friday for a vacation of two weeks.

Thanksgiving Day, November 29, 1894

We all spent the day down to fathers. Grandma W. went to ch. with the others. Frank, Geo. and I did not go. Mr. & Mrs. Sam’l Hitchcock were there to dinner and stayed over night. I enjoyed the day very much though I did not feel like going in the morning.


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