April 1893

Wednesday, April 5, 1893    

Grandma W. went over to Mr. Sanderson’s this noon. Miss Yeomans came down home with the children at night. Grace and Gertrude Nash were here to tea and stayed in the eve. Papa went to evening meeting. Prescott carried Grace and Gertrude home at 9 ½ o’c. Commenced to snow. Emma has had nose-bleed fearfully. Washed Mrs. Hawke’s dark dress.

Thursday, April 6, 1893  

4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground. Emma begins to look speckled and does not feel very good. We made molasses candy, Arthur came up this P.M. he and Prescott carried Miss Yeomans up to Mr. Nashs. Washing came home from Mrs. McGowans.

Friday, April 7, 1893   

Commenced snowing after the children went to school and was seven ins. deep at night. Prescott took the sleigh to go after the children and got pretty well covered before he got around. Emma is broken out very thick. She thinks it is German measles.

Saturday, April 8, 1893  

Rain, snow and thunder-showers. Cleared off before 5 o’c. Mr. Sanderson brought Grandma W. home.

They have been making a little sugar over there.

The “old sow” lost six of her pigs. Has four left. The “little sow” is about dead.

Sunday, April 9, 1893    

Went to church. Emma, Susie and Henry did not go.

Prescott and Papa went this eve.

Thursday, April 13, 1893  

Rainy. Went to the S. S. at Mr. H. Langdon’s. Mr. Henry Hill sprained his ankle.

Sunday, April 16, 1893    

Cold chilly wind; a hard freeze last night.

We all went to ch. the older children walked.

Mr. William Thayer’s funeral was at his house this P.M. at 2 ½ o’c.

He died last Thurs. morn at about 9 o’c.

Prescott, Emma and Papa went to meeting this eve.

Monday, April 17, 1893   

Mattie is 13 yrs. old today. Emma gave her a holder. I made a stocking and shoe-bag. Susie gave her a ribbon for her hair. Frank and Bart worked up on Walnut Hill picking stone. Prescott and Grandpa made a harrow. I stirred the cream. Mother had about 16 lbs. of butter.

Miss Yeoman’s sister is 23 yrs. old today.

Susie did not feel well this morn so she did not go to school.

Sunday, April 23, 1893    

Papa, Emma and I went to church. The others are having the German measles. Mattie walked home in the snow-storm last Thurs. night and was all broke out with the measles when she got home. Emma could not go Fri. it was so rainy in the morn. and such bad walking. Grace Nash is having the measles. Papa went to meeting alone tonight.

Monday, April 24, 1893  

Mattie went to school again. Emma went alone.

I am fixing a dress for Mattie one that Mrs. Sanderson sent over.

Tuesday, April 25, 1893    

All went to school again.

Saturday, April 29, 1893  

Cloudy and more springlike.

Rail-road meeting this P.M. Papa and Grandpa went down. Papa presided.

Emma went may-flowering with Gertrude. Mattie, Prescott and Grandma went up to the ledge to look for them but did not find any. Mr. Coburn called stayed to tea.

Dea. Wm. A. Hawks died this morn about 9 o’c.

Note: The mayflower is Massachusetts’ state flower.

Sunday, April 30, 1893

Warm and sunny. All went to ch. Mr. Snyder preached on the 1” & 2” Thessa.

Henry and Prescott took dinner with Arthur then A. brought them home and took Mattie and P. down to C. E. meeting.


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