January 1892

Friday, January 22, 1892  

Pleasant. Merc. at 28. Sleighing quite good. Not much snow on ground yet.

This has been a month of scarlet fever. Geo was taken sick the 10” (Sun.), Susie the 11” on Mon. Then Henry was taken Tuesday. Mattie came down Thurs. night and Emma on the following Sunday the 17”. Now they are all doing well except the baby, and his teeth are troubling him. After the first nights mother took the girls up into her rooms and Prescott and Grandpa sleep in the girls room. Prescott is well and has been very helpful about the house and now can go out of doors to work.

Grandpa brought him (P.) a pair of long pants today – price $2.50.

Mrs. Wm. Wright did a two weeks’ wash for us this week – price $1.00.

Sold lambs to H. G. Chapman last week they brought nearly $48.00.

Mrs. Wheeler called here today. She came home from Mr. Graves’s two weeks ago. Mr. Quartus Warner called – also Geo. Wright.

Frank gone to the village this evening.


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