April 1890

Tuesday, April 1, 1890  

Pleasant. My arm is too sore and painful to let me do much work.

I have not given up handling the baby yet.

Mother made bread and two kinds of doughnuts. I can do only what I can learn to do with one hand.

Wednesday, April 2, 1890   

A very pleasant day. Frank has been to three places and tried to get help, but did not succeed. Grandpa went to the village after meal. Frank and I went down to Dr. Perry’s at noon to get something to relieve my hand. He agreed with us in thinking that I had the inflammatory rheumatism. I have not had any rest with it since Sat. night. Dr. Perry lives in the M. Parsonage, so I had quite a pleasant time with Mr. & Mrs. Bragg while I was there. Miss Flora Mentor and Mrs. Wellington Thayer of Northampton called. I had not seen Miss Mentor before since she was a little girl.

Sent letter to Mrs. Geckler and girls letters to Aggie and Annie Stowe.

Thursday, April 3, 1890

Fast Day. Services held in the Haydenville church – sermon preached by Mr. Bragg.

We have been boiling down more sap today. Had warm biscuit and syrup for supper. Mother has dressed and undressed Ruby twice for me. She is six weeks old today and weighs 7½ lbs. (4 weeks old – 6 lbs) (2 weeks old – 5 lbs) weight when born  4½.

A sheep gave birth to three lambs: united weights 22 lbs.

The children have had a lively time out of doors today.

Friday, April 4, 1890  

Rainy, warm and foggy. I have tried to sew a few carpet rags today.

Mattie has just finished a ball that weighs  1 ½ lbs.

They are making something  for Prescott’s birthday present.

Mr. Chas. Thayer died last week and was buried Sunday.

Mrs. Cooper’s birthday today.

Saturday, April 5, 1890   

Pleasant – but a chilly wind has been blowing all day. The girls and Henry gave Prescott a birthday token, Susie’s was a candy, Emma made a pen-wiper, Mattie and Henry each made a book-mark. He was greatly pleased to be remembered.

The swelling was nearly gone out of my hand. Hope the joints will be limber soon.

Grandpa has been to Florence and Northampton today. Frank has been spreading manure.

Grandma made doughnuts and birthday cake.

Our butter and eggs amt’d to $6.80 today.

Sunday, April 27, 1890   

A very rainy day. Papa has gone to church and taken five of the children. Susie was charmed to think he would take her with the others. My right hand and arm has been disabled so I could not use it at all. I commenced using it again last Wed.

My mother came to stay with me while waiting for their house to be made ready. She came two weeks ago last Fri.

Since I have written here there have been several deaths:

Mr. John Miller of Haydenville – 90 years old.

Mr. J. O’Neil’s mother who was over 93 years old and Mrs. Geo. Lawton of Searsville. She had the pneumonia – was not sick but a few days.

The grass has started up looking very fresh & green. The men have planted peas, beets, lettuce & potatoes.

Mother went to the village yesterday to make a few calls. I have rode out once and walked out every day until yesterday. It will be three weeks tomorrow since we have had a hard rain.

Mrs. Oliver Nash called here last Fri. night.

Last Tues. P. M. Mr. Snyder and family called. Also Mrs. Samuel Clark and youngest child. Two weeks ago yesterday Frank and Prescott went to Northampton to get them each a suit of clothes. He and mother Williams went again in the afternoon.

I have received a letter from cousin Tirzah saying that Mattie has been sick since Jan. 1 with the “grippe” and rheumatism – Uncle Edward is better than he has been.


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