September 1889

Sunday, September 1, 1889   

Pleasant. We all went to ch. except Prescott. J.H. Pease went home last night.

I tryed to stay down to the P.M. service but my head was so bad I could hardly stay until noon.

Mr. Snyder’s themes were names and titles of God.

Communion service this P.M.

Monday, September 2, 1889       

Pleasant. Men at work on the Hubbardston apples.

Mr. Snyder and family called.

Tuesday, September 3, 1889    

Pleasant. Hamshire Co. Quarterly Temp. meeting held in the ch. today. Mother baked bread, I stirred cream etc. fixed waist for Prescott, did mending and called on Mrs. Billings. Susie is having a boil on the upper part of one of her legs.

Saturday, September 7, 1889

Cloudy and damp. Arthur bought Marion & Jamie over here last night and they want me to return with him today – so I obey orders. Susie and Henry go with me.

Thursday, September 19, 1889   

I will give a brief account of the time while we were away.

Sun. the 8” we all went to ch. and S.S.

Mon. and Tues. Susie was not at all well. Mother went for the Dr. to come up.

Mon. noon Mrs. Parker came we had a good visit with her until Tues. noon she then took the cars for Haydenville to see Mrs. Dewey.

Commenced to rain Tues. eve and it rained every day for more than a week. Seems to have cleared off today very much cooler.

Thurs. morn went down to Uncle Francis’s with him. He comes up every morn to bring the girls to the high school. We came back with them.

Fri. morning. Mother visited the Burkeville School in the P.M. father went over to do repairing on the school-house.

Our schools commenced Sept. 9” Miss Minnie Bridgeman of Westhampton teaches our school.

Sat. eve Frank came up with the three older children. Rained quite hard when they arrived just as we had finished our supper.

Marion and Jamie stayed in W. until Fri. night then went to Northampton. She went with Frank over the hills to Worthington last week Mon.

Sun. the 15” was quite rainy until about 11 o’c when the sun came out very hot. We started for home at 4 o’c. We all went to ch. except Mattie. Saw Eliza H. and gave the fam. one of our group pictures.

Mon. the 16” was very rainy and has been every day  this week until today (Thurs. the 19”).

We have cut out and partly made seven sheets. Mother has made coarse and fine linen towels.

Frank went to Southampton on the early train this morn – he did not return tonight.

Friday, September 20, 1889   

Mother made bread and pumpkin and apple pies. I fixed one of Frank’s blue woolen shirts for Prescott – children have put on their thick winter flannels it is so cold and rainy.

Saturday, September 21, 1889  

Quite pleasant most of the day. Men picked apples yesterday and today making nearly 400 bls. that have gathered. Frank has not returned yet. I begin to feel anxious.

The children and I called on Mrs. Billings found her most sick with a cold. Also called on Mrs. Wheeler & Mrs. Cooper.

Miss Bridgeman, Grace and Gertrude Nash called while we were gone, found them here when we returned.

Sunday, September 22, 1889

Cool and windy no rain but plenty of wind clouds. Children went to ch. with Howard then he returned to spend the rest of the day with his lady.

Two gentlemen called here from Leeds this P.M.

I feel most broken-hearted to have Frank stay away so long without sending word.

Monday, September 23, 1889    

Very pleasant not quite so cool.

Mother has been down to see Mrs. Billings this morn. I made 8 qts. pear pickle, fixed tomatoes, picked green tomatoes and ripe cucumbers this P.M.

Grandpa went to Northampton to see what he could hear from Frank – he is in N.Y. I am glad to hear he is all right.

Called on Mrs. B. tonight.

Commenced on the girls aprons tonight.

Prescott is to sleep in his new room for the first time tonight.

Tuesday, September 24, 1889     

Very pleasant. Mother has been washing dresses and bedspreads today. Father came over from Conway – stopped to dinner, then went to the village came back to tea then went home this eve. He is almost persuaded to buy that place in Conway.

I have cut girls blue dresses and gingham aprons – sewed on sheets.

We have sewed 4 and ½ ready for the machine.

Frank came on the 7 o’c train “all sound as a nut”. He has been loading apples from Forest-ville and New Britain, Conn. O.F. & B called him to take Will. Frommel’s place. He has earned $138.00 while he has been gone.

He gave mother & I each $1.00.

Wednesday, September 25, 1889

Pleasant until eve when it commenced to rain. J. Howard Pease has taken his girl to the Cummington cattle show.

We ironed. I had twenty collars 13 linen others lace, etc. etc.


Now called the Cummington Fair, this annual event was started in 1868 and continues today.

Thursday, September 26, 1889   

Rainy. Frank and John Wright went to the village this P.M.

Mr. Hiram Hill’s funeral was held at the house at 2 ½ o’c P.M.

Grandpa went down.

Rec’d letter from mother – it came to Gr. W. She wants the men to look at the Clark place.

Friday, September 27, 1889     

Windy and cooler. The children speak pieces in school today for the first time.

Grandpa, Frank, Grandma, Henry & Susie rode up to Conway this morn arrived home at 1-15.

I did the ironing etc. Mother W. has been running the machine for me this P.M.

Howard returned last night. John Wright has not arrived.

Saturday, September 28, 1889

Heavy wind clouds and bright rainbow at sunrise this morn. Henry is five years old today. Grace & Gertrude Nash & Blanche Cooper spent the P.M. here. Miss Bridgeman came to tea. They had bread and butter with jell, cup-cake, buns, cimbals, pears, grapes and peanuts. I have swept every room in the house, cleaned the new furniture.

Mother made pumpkin and apple pies, cake and doughnuts.

Frank and Pease gone to the village.

Sunday, September 29, 1889

Not very pleasant quite cool. Frank went to ch. with the four chicks. I did not feel like going.

Monday, September 30, 1889

Frank went to Agawan to look at apples.


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