July 1889

Monday, July 1, 1889

Pleasant. Men have been mowing – I stirred cream, etc. Pease’s father came from Northampton tonight.

Tuesday, July 2, 1889  

Foggy. Grandpa was taken with severe pain in his bowels. F. went for the Dr.

Mr. Pease went away this morn.

Mother made bread.

Wednesday, July 3, 1889  

A very rainy night last night and rains today. Frank went to New Haven on the 10 o’c train to sell the cider we have on hand.

I am finishing Emma’s light dress.

I hope some one knows that I try very hard to do what is best and right. I would make every one around me happy and comfortable if it were possible for me.

Thursday, July 4, 1889

“The Glorious Fourth of July” has been a very rainy one until just before sunset, when the sun shone out.

Frank came on the last train; he had a nice time boating and riding about today. He went down to Savin Rock. Pease went to Cunnington.


Savin Rock Amusement Park in West Haven, Connecticut was built in the 1870s and was soon developed into a popular seaside resort. The carnival rides didn’t come on the scene until 1903, but there was a carousel, bandstand, fountain, picnic area, and other attractions.

Friday, July 5, 1889

Very pleasant. Pease returned this morn. He had fine time. Men busy making hay. F. went down after the washing.

Saturday, July 6, 1889

Pleasant. Men finished getting in hay. We did the most of our ironing, and mending. I finished Emma’s light dress this week.

Sunday, July 7, 1889    

Pleasant. “Papa” “Mama” Susie, Henry and Pease went to church. Blanche Cooper rode with us – she is eleven years old today.

Communion Sunday – Alice Alexander and Addie Hawks joined the ch. I did not stay down the young children get too tired.

Wrote a letter to Florence.

Monday, July 8, 1889

Pleasant until eve when we had a hard shower. We have been baking a little extra for mother’s birthday.

Jack Wright commenced work here today. He helped dress one of the fat lambs. Had raspberries for supper. Sent card to Mattie.

Tuesday, July 9, 1889      

Showery. Mother Williams is sixty yrs. old today. Mrs. Billing, Geneva, Mrs. Cooper and Blanche spent the P.M. here and stayed to tea. We had a very pleasant time. We expected father, mother and Arthur over but they did not come.

We had roast lamb and green peas for dinner.

Sunday, July 14, 1889

We all went to church, then after supper all but Emma took a ride up to Conway to get Mattie. I enjoyed the ride very much.

Saturday, July 20, 1889

Mother’s head has felt very badly today but it is better tonight. We visited at Mrs. Coopers this P.M. Mrs. B. & Geneva there – we all stayed to tea.

J.H. Pease went to Northampton.

Sunday, July 21, 1889

A beautiful day. We went to church. Mr. Lathe of Northampton preached. Text was from Deut. 3.23-24.

Frank went down this eve.

J.H. Pease took his lady out to ride this eve.

Monday, July 22, 1889

Pleasant day. Men have been haying over on the east side hill.

Saturday, July 27, 1889     

Every day this week has been pleasant until today. Rained hard all day. The children have picked running berries nearly every day. We have put up six cans and had them for pies and for tea.

Mrs. Billings and Mrs. Cooper were here yesterday. I fixed a dress for Mrs. C. marked an apron for Mrs. B. Mother worked an apron for Mrs. C. I took care of Geneva while her mother went for berries.

Sunday, July 28, 1889    

Rainy. J. Howard P. was the only one that went to church today.

Frank is badly poisoned got it while mowing on Aunt Fannie’s place.

I wrote to Mrs. Hussey for mother.

I have been taking it easy today.

Monday, July 29, 1889

Showery. The sun has not shone out bright since last Fri.

I have written to “Aunt Libbie” today. Father and Arthur came over this morn. He and mother have been at work down to Uncle Francis’s. I rode to the village to see about the girls hats when father went to see Kelso. Bought some little red shoes for Susie. Trimmed hats tonight. Father and Arthur had to go home in the rain.

I think Frankie Clapp is a year old today.

Tuesday, July 30, 1889

Rainy. Men have been trying to mow down on the Bullard place. They finished up to the other place yesterday waiting for fair weather to get it in. Went down to the neighbors this P.M.

Wednesday, July 31, 1889

Rainy. Children picked blue & black-berries between the showers – got about five qts. The men have hired John Wright to work a month. They could not finish mowing down to the Bullard place on acct. of the rain. I have been making petticoats for the girls out of one that was my mothers.

Rec’d card from Marion saying she expects to come this week.

Mrs. Dennis Lee of Conway died last Sun. She was sick only 12 hours. [Photocopy cuts off last sentence which looks like: “Was 63 yrs.”]


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