June 1889

Saturday, June 1, 1889  

A very rainy day and evening.

Sunday, June 2, 1889

Cloudy. Papa and Pease went to church. Mattie, Emma and Henry went with them. Henry has been sick all the afternoon and evening. Frank was half a mind to go for the Dr. after he returned from the evening meeting.

News comes of a great flood in Johnstown, Penn.

8 pigs came this morn.


The Johnstown Flood occurred on May 31, 1889 and killed 2,209 people.

Monday, June 3, 1889   

Pleasant. Men cleaned closet and sink drain. Fixed shirt for Henry, cut out Susies pink dress.

Prescott feels better this P.M.

Frank carried washing to Mrs. McGowan.

Tuesday, June 4, 1889    

Clouds and sunshine. Mother and Prescott went up on the side hill and picked 4 qts. of strawberries – we had a short cake for tea.

Mother called on Mrs. Billings this P.M.

Frank carried russet apples to the village.

Wednesday, June 5, 1889  

Pleasant. We washed a few things that we did not wish to send away. Mother had another falling turn – took her very suddenly – she stood between the stove and cistern, and fell backward striking her head and elbow on the cistern.

Men have mowed in the yard, up above the house and up towards Aunt Fannies. F. went down after the clothes – carried apples to Belden Bros.

Thursday, June 6, 1889

Cloudy and cool. We ironed summer clothes that had lain over winter, and what was washed yesterday. I stirred cream, mother balled butter. Mrs. Billings and Mrs. Cooper called. I made hop yeast.

Friday, June 7, 1889

Pleasant until night when it began to rain hard. Grandpa went to Florence early this morn. carried 25 lbs of butter; boys turned hay.

They took sheep down from the hill.

Girls and Prescott picked 3 qts. of strawberries. We had them for tea.

Home Miss’y meeting at Saratoga this week. I suppose father and mother are there. Mother made doughnuts and ginger bread – her head has felt badly all the while. I did the ironing of the week.

The Johnstown flood was a most disastrous one; loss of life reaches into the thousands; loss of property estimated as being very great.

Saturday, June 8, 1889     

Rained hard all day. Boys been shovelling over the manure. Frank had to give it up after 3 o’c – too much for him.

Mother baked bread, pies and cake. I did sweeping etc. Finished Susie’s pink dress this eve.

Grandpa feels very much exercised over me these days – hope he may recover soon.

Prescott feels much better hope he can go to school next week.

Sunday, June 9, 1889

Foggy and warm – with a few drops of rain. We all went to church except Grandpa and Grandma. Her head has felt badly all day. Mr. Snyder preached an excellent sermon text from Matt. 7.26” (The lessons we should learn from such an occurrence as the Johnstown flood).

Mr. E.G. Kingsley died last night very suddenly. He complained of pain in his arm, they sent for Dr. Hillman; he gave him something to relieve that – and he retired as usual – his wife spoke to him about 10 o’c and received no answer. When she looked at him found he was dead.

Frank and Pease went to meeting this eve. Susie slept from 1 ½ o’c until after 5 o’c. Henry stood it all right today.

Mrs. Henry Hill saw father and mother at Saratoga – attended some of the meetings with them and they came home together yesterday.

Monday, June 10, 1889  

Showery – Mother washed napkins etc. today. I have sewed a little; cut off the girls dress skirts. Frank carried washing away. I sent letter to mother.

F. carried off cider – had Jack shod.

Tuesday, June 11, 1889

Showery – rained very hard from 4 o’c to 6 o’c. Frank and Pease went down to a concert that was given for the benefit of the Johnstown sufferers. Mr. Hiram Hill was around with a subscription paper for the same object.

Wednesday, June 12, 1889   

Showery. I cleaned carpet and bedsteads in mother’s room – ironed a little & helped to pack down the hams and shoulders. Mother made bread & biscuit.

Grandpa went to town bought some of the “Garfield Tea.”


Garfield Tea was advertised as a laxative and a diuretic. The active ingredients were: senna, couch grass, balmony and dandelion. (Information taken from website of the currently defunct The Herb Museum).

Thursday, June 13, 1889

Pleasant. Mother and Mrs. Billings went after strawberries. Prescott went also they had a bountiful supply for tea. Geneva stayed and played with Henry and Susie.

Friday, June 14. 1889

Pleasant. We did our ironing – I finished cleaning upstairs – We called on Mrs. Cooper this P.M.

The boys have been fixing the leaky roof’s this week and newly shingled the front porch. Sent bonnet to Frederick Henry Tilton tonight.

Sunday, June 16, 1889

Pleasant. Pease went home with Mr. Keplinger. Grandpa went to church with us as Frank did not feel like it. They observed children’s Sunday today. Mr. Snyder’s text was taken from the call of Samuel.

Children’s concert tonight. Mattie and Prescott had verses. Mr. Hill gave each of the S.S. children a potted plant (fuchsia).

Mrs. Theron Warner’s funeral was this P.M.

Two children were baptized this A.M. Mr. S’s boy and Mr. Thrasher’s youngest.

Wednesday, June 19, 1889   

Mother washed fine clothes. Susie, Henry and I visited school and called at Mr. Hiram Nash’s.

Father spent Mon. night with us. He picked some cherries for us.

Thursday, June 20, 1889  

Pleasant. We did fine ironing. Mother made cherry pies. Mrs. Billings came up and took dinner with us and stayed part of the P.M. F. is not feeling very well. Mowed too much I guess.

Friday, June 21, 1889

Pleasant. Mother did baking. I finished the ironing. F. has not worked much today. School closed today. I have been making ready to go to Conway tomorrow.

Mattie, Henry & Susie all sick at their stomachs tonight.

Saturday, June 22, 1889   

Shower this morn but cleared away so we started for Conway at 10 o’c. We arrived at noon. Henry slept all the P.M. Father, Frank, Susie and I went down to Uncle Francis’s to tea, had a nice visit. Mrs. Ella Hawks called on me.

Sunday, June 23, 1889   

Cool and pleasant. We all went to ch. except Emma and Arthur. (She was sick last night). Prof. Tyler preached an excellent sermon. We came home at night and left Mattie & Emma up there.

Monday, June 24, 1889   

Stirred cream, cleaned front stairs and entry, cut pair of pants for Henry and partly made them.

We had green peas for dinner for the first time.

Tuesday, June 25, 1889  

Pleasant. Mother worked butter, made bread and washed my windows. I have cleaned my room and the things pertaining to it. Set up the crib for Susie and Henry.

Saturday, June 29, 1889

Pleasant. Grandpa carried the butter to Florence this A.M. Frank, mother and Henry went to Conway this P.M. brought Emma home with them. Mattie is going to stay longer. Emma is not feeling very well. I have made Henry another pair of pants.

I went down to Mrs. Billings’ Wed. P.M. Mother picked red-raspberries enough for tea – I carried a bowl full down to Mrs. B.

Fri. Prescott was not able to sit up all day – had headache and feverish – think he got over done while at work on barn doors last Wed.

Mrs. Billings, Geneva, Mrs. Cooper and Blanche here Fri. P.M.

Blanche has spent today with Susie – Prescott is better. We had green peas for dinner.

Sunday, June 30, 1889

Very pleasant – Emma and Prescott were not able to go to church. Blanche rode down with us. Mr. Snyder preached his sermon was on Faith and Works.

News came of the death of Miss Mary A. Brigham yesterday P.M. caused by accident on the R.R. near New Haven – three persons killed others injured. Miss B had just been chosen to be the head of the New College at So. Hadley.

Mother’s head has been troublesome today.


Miss Brigham was 59 years old at her death. The “New College” is a reference to Mount Holyoke Seminary and College. Miss Brigham had just been named President and was on her way to assume the post, when the train she was on crashed. In 1897, a residence hall was built and named in her honor.



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